Patreon Launch!

Magdalena Tarot Patreon has launched! Check it out, subscribe and get  ready for the switch.  Here are the tiers available at this time!  Go to to subscribe starting at $1.99 a month!

Tier 1
Seeker $1.99
The Weekly Tarot forecast in its entirety released weekly. The daily forecast will still be available on Instagram but it will only include the card of the day and the mantra. To find out what’s written in the stars, become a seeker for just $1.99 a month.

Tier 2
Scholar $2.99
I got lots of e-mails asking me to bring the newsletter back so if you were a fan of the newsletter and its exclusive content, this tier is for you. This tier will include material developed exclusively for the newsletter, early access to blog posts, exciting announcements and more. To look into the future of what’s happening with Magalena Tarot, subscribe to this tier for only $2.99 a month (also includes all features of previous tiers).

Tier 3
Patron of the Arts $5.99
Without the help of donors, famous artist mystics like Leonardo DaVinci could not have created the art that changed history. If you’re a fan of the indie artists I use, support them! This tier was created to give you a way to be a patron of indie Tarot decks. Not only will you receive early access to the videos and interviews of the indie artist who create the decks I feature on Magdalena Tarot, but you’ll also be supporting them because I will be giving 30% of what I make to all the indie artists that share their art with the Magdalena Tarot Community. If you want to be a patron of the arts, subscribe to this tier for only $5.99 a month. (also includes all features of previous tiers).

Tier 4
Visionary Arts Patron $8.99
Magdalena Tarot is also working on developing it’s own independent deck made from collages of old vintage and antique photos along with other visionary art. If you subscribe at this level, you will get early access to my art as well as a digital copy of each new card at the beginning of the month and a personalized thank you when the project is complete. If you become a patron of a visionary artist, subscribe at this tier. (also includes all features of previous tiers).

Tier 5
Story as Medicine $15.99
I am a visionary writer as well and have many finished visionary stories and poems that are medicine for the soul. If you are interested in learning more about story as an initiatory process, subscribe to receive a new short story or poem a month. To make the spiritual life easier to swallow, subscribe to this tier for only $15.99 a month (also includes all features of previous tiers).

Tier 6
Mystery Play $20.99
Story is not only medicine but it can also be used as an initiatory process. In the temples of the ancient world, initiates watched mystery plays to awaken their psychic abilities and learn life lessons. My mystical novel was written to do just this but it needs to be brought to life by pictures. I am raising money to convert the novel to a graphic novel but the artist I’ve decided to hire want $100 a page. You will receive a serialized chapter a month as well as however many graphic novel pages I was able to fund based on subscriptions. You’ll also get behind the scenes looks at where the project has been and where it is going. When the project is complete, all donors will receive an ebook of the finished product and a thank you from me. (also includes all features of previous tiers).

Tier 7
It’s one thing to watch a mystery play but to understand it, one must be initiated into the lessons. This level will give you access to exclusive explanations of the mystical themes and symbols found within each chapter of the novel. If you want dedicate yourself to awakening the Divine within, subscribe to this tier for just $49.99 a month.

Let’s move into the future together! Join me on Patreon starting in February 2019!

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