How to Show Gratitude?

I’m about to finish my comic script for my artist pitch. I suddenly got to the last pages and was like “Omg, I’m almost there.”

I started working to fund the project but I didn’t realize how expensive art supplies are because although I’m not drawing the actual art, I am actively creating story boards. Because of that I’m a little short of my goal to raise money to pay an artist to draw the pitch. I want to work with a published artist so it’s $100/page and I need 5 pages for a pitch. The comic company that picks us up will fund the rest of the conversion of the novel to a graphic novel. I just need a kickstart

So I’ve been thinking about doing a kickstarter but I need some good ideas for incentives.

So what kind of *realistic*, low to no cost for production incentive would you pay $1, $5, $17, $25, $50 and $100+ for? A friend said that sometimes you need help from the people who believe in you to pull off something you dream of doing. So I want to come up with really good incentives for the people who support me and would want to be part of making this story a reality gut I’m not sure how to show gratitude.

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