Introduction Release

Well, things went quiet on the advertising front for a while for 2 reasons:

1) something big happened that I can’t give details on yet. I can say a lot happened behind the scenes.

2) I had surgery. It’s interesting because having surgery inspired the Kickstarter. If I didn’t have to use what I saved for my pitch on surgery, I would be funding this myself.

But despite the silence on my end, progress on the project continued to unfold. My host mom donated $100, getting me to 55% funded with 18 days left of the campaign to go for my Kickstarter. It’s exciting that I only need $225 to reach my goal of $500!

I finished an introduction story board series to help the artist know what I want and I’m releasing it here for you to get a better idea of what I’m doing. I also finished the comic script for the intro, which will give you insight into the rich occult symbolism I’ve woven into the fabric of the story. And if you like what you see, become a backer and a founder.

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