Magdalena Tarot Relaunch

Hi everyone!

After a much-needed step back from Magdalena Tarot, I’m relaunching my brand with some new ideas and exciting surprises.

First off, I’m going to start teaching Tarot through Bob Ross inspired YouTube videos. And boy, getting the ring light for the project was a big, big, big pain in the ass which is I why I put off announcing the relaunch.

I’m also going to start teaching Astrology through YouTube videos by Alanna L.P. This inspiration came from a trance state in which I was gifted the inspiration to make an astrology clock. I see the cosmos as a clock with interchanging parts now. I spent a couple of years working with it and it blew my understanding of astrology wide open. I had a few students who listened to my lectures as I studied the clock and what it was telling me about the energies abound. I feel comfortable with this method of intuitively reading the stars. I’m not going to get into angles or minor transits, but we will be take a wide lensed view of those wacky planets. Again, lighting is really what kept me from launching this idea because I’ve had it forever.

The Astrology videos won’t be a regular thing; it will only be when a planet or planets move into a different zodiac sign or when a planet stations retrograde or direct. But I think it will help some people get a better understanding of what is going on in the cosmos. Again, full videos will be uploaded to YouTube and shorter snibbits will be shared across platforms. 

Magdalena Tower is still a thing. I kept my private Tarot reading clients through my restructuring process and I went back online selling vintage and antiques. I launched a few T-shirt designs and I’ve gotten good feedback from just wearing them around town so I may relaunch those on Etsy.

I’m planning to also offer a PDF copy of my 1st book on Etsy. It’s  currently available on Amazon but I’m going t o put it in my Etsy shop to increase my chances of it being read because Amazon has swallowed my audience whole. Read the introduction from my book Life: It’s Just a Phase below.

I’m currently working on a second book of short stories that will be *completely free*. It will be magical realism based in COVID times. I don’t have a release date for that but it’s a work in progress.

So if you’re interested in my Tarot videos, purchasing a reading, browsing my wares or reading my work, I’m open for business again.

Welcome to the Grand ReOpening of Magdalena Tarot. Seekers knock Twice.

Alanna L.P.

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