A Word of Thanks to my Newsletter Supporters

Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you for supporting my relaunch! I stopped to listen to my fans who have been asking for me to bring back my newsletter for the past two years. Even two years after I discontinued the newsletter, people were still subscribing to it and others contacted me asking me to please bring it back.

So I have to apologize: I’m sorry that I did drop my newsletter for a couple of years. Honestly, when I dropped the newsletter, I had no idea that people liked it so much they do. If you want to drop me a line and tell me what you like about the news letter or what you would like to see in the news letter, drop a line in the comments!

So a big shout out to my die hard fans that are excited to take a deeper look into the Tarot with me. You guys are a big part of this relaunch and I really do value your love. I’m sending my love right back at you with this edition of my newsletter. And if you’re not already subscribed, go here to sign up!

If you find the material from the video, compelling, please consider purchasing the original text I wrote for the script is on my Etsy for just $1.99. This is my tip jar” for my videos. So if you want to support me while diving deeper into the lesson, head on over to www.etsy.com/shop/MagdalenaTower Not only does each lesson go over the symbolism of the card but it also includes instructions for building an altar to learn more about each card’s symbolism and vibration and also includes additional exercises and outtakes from the script. 

Alanna L.P.
Magdalena Tarot

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