Sneak Peek of Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 0 Cover!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 0: The Fool Taurus 2021 cover! I love the cover artwork by Bellawillow Photography!

Last night the graphic designer and I got together and worked on the layout. Everything is falling into place and I’m really happy with the direction of the first issue.

Also: Nicole Fagan from Third Holistic Heaven is submitting a recipe to spice up this issue!

I’m also offering free advertising space for metaphysical businesses, artists and writers. If you would like an advertisement space, please e-mail me at AlannaLP at MagdalenaTarotInc dot com

If you would like to submit an article, art, short fiction or a poem, please download the upcoming issue for submission guidelines.

Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 0: The Fool launches when the Sun enters Taurus 2021. Follow my author page on Amazon to get connected with the publication.

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