Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 0: The Fool OUT NOW!

Hi everyone!

You can down download the introductory issue of Magdalena Tarot Magazine: Issue 0 The Fool on Amazon for free!

Good news! The magazine FINALLY dropped. I had a lot of set backs but I think it’s a solid introductory issue.

Newsletter subscribers automatically get a free subscription to the magazine so subscribe so you don’t ever miss an issue!

A little about the first issue:

Are you on a journey? Are you looking for some guidance from your Higher Self? Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 0: The Fool, is the first in a series of magazines designed to take you on a journey through the Tarot. 

Let the adventure begin now. 

Pack your bags and get ready to go! We kick off our journey with this introductory issue. This issue includes an in depth look at the Tarot card, The Fool. It also includes a hands-on astrology lesson, predictions by Magdalena Tarot for the month of Taurus 2021 and original fiction. 

If you would like to submit an article, spell, short story, art, or anything else your intuition whispers to you for Issue 1: The Magician Gemini 2021, the submission guidelines are also included.

If you are not a subscriber you will have to pay for each issue of the magazine individually. The cost of the magazine will cover production costs (graphic designer, illustrator and photographer). The left over money will be donated to an earth based charity.

Please download your sample issue here! And subscribe if you want to read more!

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