Thoughts of the Rise of Cults

I debated on bringing this up here, but after learning more about the LoveHasWon cult that has been all over the news I had this sinking feeling I brushed paths with them or knew people connected to them. I looked into the story further and I found out that 4 of my Facebook friends like their page.

That, on top of an irritating anti-vaxx assault on my friends only Facebook pages, was the last straw. I threw my arms up and said, “OK, I’m ready for this conversation.”

So here it is …

People, we need to talk about cults.

That silly, anti-vaxx episode a couple of days ago struck a truth that I think we really need to recognize:

People who are searching for God in extreme belief systems are after an unattainable level of purity. Because religion is not hot right now and spiritualism is on the rise, we’re seeing a lot of people turn to cults for guidance. These people are on an existential journey to embrace a purity that was lost in primordial times.

I read mythology like there’s no tomorrow and I can use the Bible like a weapon against zealots. I’ve studied world religions all over the world. And from my personal experience examining the idea of Divinity, the uniting factor across all faiths and spiritual philosophies is that something was lost. What it is or how it was lost is defined differently, but there is this quest mankind is on to overcome nature and obtain immortality, (even if that is losing all consciousness forever — there’s still a forever in atheism too. A belief in nothing is still a belief).

The problem is, it’s easy to adulterate them quest for purity. How many of you know a QAnon or an anti-vaxxer or a Trumper or a religious zealot? It’s more common than you think. People are trying to give life meaning and connect with love because loneliness is a real thing right now. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink the Kool-Aide.

Every age has it’s cults, but the cults going mainstream again has led to some really DANGEROUS ideas floating around. You find these ideas created to essentially generate profit for the people at the top of the pyramid everywhere from chat rooms to yoga studios to your local big 3 religious center to the health food store. Militant purity is growing, and it’s not “you didn’t listen to God’s laws” anymore. It’s “You put this that or the other in your body.”

The funny thing is, Divinity has always told people about what they can and can’t put in their bodies too … so it’s like taking God out of religion but still having religious laws you follow.

So if you start finding yourself saying, “hey this sounds fishy,” say something. It’s the only way to normalize sanity.

I feel like I do this all the time and I get in hella trouble when I do. I get called a Satanist or Communist or Conservative or bully or whatever you want to call me. But I’m not afraid of speaking truths people may not want to hear. I do have a painting of Lucifer before The Fall hanging over my desk after all.

Unfortunately, people have to speak up even more when things get uncomfortable. It’s funny because this came up when o went over the reversed Magician meaning in my last Tarot video. An over zealous quest for purity can turn a quest for God into a quest for power. Knowledge is power and it’s also the greatest weapon. And the most dangerous form of knowledge is the knowledge of how to manipulate people who are looking for something.

This came up again for me in another way when I revisited the memory of a sociopath that I loved dearly until I figured out that I was loved like an object and not like a person by this individual.

I’m becoming aware because of all of this that I need to be very conscious about how I brand my services from here on out.

I did some soul searching and spent some time learning about cults tonight.

So about Magdalena Tarot:

I don’t have all the answers and I don’t want people to follow me because they think I do. But what would I call myself because I’m not really a teacher, just a helper.

Sometimes I’m just a conscious observer …

I believe there is a thin line between psychic ability, magick, psychology and philosophy. What I feel like I do is hand someone a tool kit and say “hey figure out how to use this because I want you to learn to help yourself.”

Do I believe that I have abilities no one else has? Yes, but so do you, snd so does everyone. The ability to help oneself is a unique experience abs I can’t make that experience for you but I hope that the services I provide inspire you to help yourself.

I don’t know, I’m trying to make logic snd reason cool again also help people realize that the power of your mind *is magical* and that that idea goes back to the ancient world.

I guess at the end of the day I’m probably just a diest. Lol.

Stay dedicated to the light of knowledge. You can never go wrong when you keep the lights on upstairs 💡

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