Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 3: The Empress is out now!

It’s here! The next issue of Magdalena Tarot Magazine is out now!

What does abundance mean to you? In this issue of Magdalena Tarot Magazine, we explore the archetype of The Empress as she teaches us about the power of manifestation. When you reach the place where you can successfully apply the understanding of the Magician to the wisdom of the High Priestess, you unlock the secret manifestation. This issue includes an in depth look at the Empress card, the Tarot Forecast for the month of Leo, the next installment of Where There is No Night and more. The submission guidelines for the next issue Magdalena Tarot Magazine: The Emperor due out when the Sun enters Virgo are also included. Get your copy here


What will your harvest look like?

And if you don’t have a kindle, there’s an app you can download to read my magazine on your phone!

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