Free Download of Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 4: The Emperor Virgo 2021

How do I find balance between my masculine and feminine sides? The Emperor represents the full potential found in the idea of the healthy masculine. No matter what your gender identity is (or isn’t) if you are looking to get in touch of your masculine side, the archetype of the Emperor will teach you the ways of the peaceful warriors.

Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 5: The Emperor Virgo 2021 takes a look at how to honor the sacred masculine through the archetype of the Emperor, the Virgo Tarot Forecast, a look at the different branches of Kabbalah, the next installment of Where There is No Night, and more. The submission guidelines for the next issue Magdalena Tarot Magazine: The Hierophant due out when the Sun enters Libra are also included.


Go to here to purchase #MagdalenaTarotMagazine and catch up before the next installment of Where There is No Night comes out. And if you don’t have a kindle, there’s an app you can download to read my magazine on your phone!

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