Mabon is coming

💛🧡Finished this today and it made me think of my flutterby friend💛🧡
(I missed a couple of spots. Oh well.)

Today I found an injured butterfly on the sidewalk. I picked it up and it was as a yellow one with blue accents. It was big as my hand! It just needed a boost because after a couple of tries it flew off my hand. It’s wings were tattered so it probably won’t survive much longer. Summer will be gone soon. It’s probably time for a lot of butterflies that don’t migrate to fade away too. But it was nice meeting a friendly butterfly while it was still here! So long friend!🦋

As Mabon approaches I’m getting Magdalena Tarot Magazine Issue 5: The Hierophant Libra 2021 ready for publication! I’ll be posting updates as it comes together✌🏻

For now, you can get caught up here by downloading Magdalena Tarot Magazine on Amazon on in my Etsy shop!

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