Mercury Stations Direct 10/2/2022

Mercury stationed direct today but don’t that doesn’t mean what a lot of people say it means.

There are a lot of people telling others things will start looking up astrologically but it seems these people haven’t done the #astrology for October or November.

Here’s my perspective based on what I’ve seen after charting the stars ahead of time:

First of all, Mercury stationing direct is not the be all end all of all the chaos. In reality, MercuryRetrograde drags out like a snail trail until we’re out of the post shadow period mid October.

So we’ll progressively see less disruptions but expect the unexpected for a little bit longer.

Then once Mercury Retrograde’s shit stains fade, we head into a dynamic eclipse season and a difficult Mars Retrograde during election season.

Moral of the story: we’re not through yet so make sure you still carry that umbrella 😉☔️🌈


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