Denver Witches’ Ball 2022: a Prosperous Night

I had a ball at Denver Witches’ Ball. They hold a night of Samhain celebration every year (minus 2021 and 2022) at Highlands Masonic Center. This year, My friends, Amanda and Seth, and my partner, Zee, worked the Magdalena Tower pop up shop in the Magical Marketplace while I read Tarot in the readers room. It was a fun and prosperous evening!

It was slow at first, but I visualized all the tables being filled so we could all be prosperous. Then each reader suddenly had constant clients. I had a line to see me most of the night. I ran to check on Magdalena Tower a couple of times and those breaks were quick but much needed breathers.

It was intense like psychic fairs always are but rewarding at the same time. I had regulars come see me. People cried. I channeled relatives, something that felt much easier than normal. There was lots of joy and laughter. I had a few wonderful couples readings — something that was also out of the ordinary. I guess being in a strong relationship attracted others in strong relationships to me. My favorite clients were the young people. They had such fresh and compassionate energy. They give me hope for the future.

A bit of bad omen appeared: I offered 4 decks and no matter what deck my clients picked, over half of my readings included the Tower. I believe we are going to see something on a national or even international level that could affect all of us here in the next week or so because of the sheer frequency the Tower appeared. I have never seen anything like that and I’ve been reading at psychic fairs for almost 10 years.

Another possible interpretation could be bad weather that affects us all locally. Hopefully it’s just a snow storm that shuts down town for a few days. 🙏🏻

But despite the creepy omen, it was a lovely evening and everything was puuuuurfect. E


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