Karma Police: Working with the angel Nemamiah

Working with #angels is strong medicine and learning to use #Hebrew to cocreate with the #Divine is intense. Sometimes I get my ass kicked because I have to lose parts of myself to make room for growth.

My birthday is coming so I decided to begin working with Nemamiah. I was guided to obtain a beautiful, delicate #garnet ring to dedicate to this practice. Almost immediately after I purchased the ring, my day shifted .

I have a new perspective on #karma now because I observed it happening around me to others while out to dinner.

I went home and got to work on organizing my room, knocking out laundry, watching Home Alone II and concentrating my ring + 3 stones I’ve been working with lately: #blackobsidian #bloodstone #redtigerseye and my #garnet ring.

In the middle of my meditation on the solistice during the snow storm, in my mind’s eye, I saw beings of fire and light walking in the storm in the middle of the street. They looked like people completely consumed in flames. It was a very powerful image.

The magick is thick and heavy this solstice season. #Saturn has definitely arrived on the back of Capricorn. I feel things are going to be very different very soon.

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