Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Some say Adam Kadmon, the primordial man, was an androgynous being made from crystal. But when Adam Kadmon tried to emanate and create in the way that the Divine did, it fell. Some say there were 2 falls of man then, the first fall of the androgynous, crystalline being and the 2nd fall in Eden. Some say that it was not the woman who was taken from the man, but that the perfect androgynous being was split in half to make man and woman. Therefore, our goal to achieve perfection is to reach a state of spiritual androgyny by the study of alchemy.

I’ve been meditating and praying with the Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild and I saw Adam Kadmon made out of diamonds when I drew the diamond mandal card. The dazzling being appeared in my meditation on the card and visualizing a person made from diamonds, the jewel for the #sephiroth of #kether, was unlike anything I had ever imagined. No wonder some angels were jealous!

I wanted to capture the vision of the glittering primordial human, pull it out of the ethereal and see it in our world. so I pulled out my Vogue Magazine collection and cut out pictures of diamonds and crystal jewlery by Swarovski , Prada and Dolce and Gabbana (to name a few) to create what a being made of crystals and diamonds may looked like. And ironically Etro did a spread that looked like a mod Eden so I made a collage from that too beside my collage of Adam Kadmon.

The more I worked, the more the sparkling vision of the primordial man became and the more my awareness of my own raw potential grew stronger.

Another thing I discovered is making a collage can be a form of meditation for me. But come to think of it, I guess producing most art is a form of meditation because an artist takes a vision from the inside and pulls it into our world in what feels sometimes like an act of magick. Acts of creativity are a kind of co-creation with the Divine and an expression of the Divine spark in us all.

So shine on your crazy diamond. We are all just carbon based beings, line diamonds, with limitless potential. 💎


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