Further into the Tarot: Week Two of Biddy Tarot Master the Tarot Card Meanings Class

The night before Brigit’s last webinar, I listened to the Tarot meditation. I thought I had made some notes about what I thought about it but I can’t find them right now so I’m going to write what I remember.  I have an area of my house I refer to as my “temple”. I have all of my altars in this area and it’s where I do my spiritual workings and meditations. I lit the candles on my altars, saged the room, used my oil burner to heat up some essential oils  and called on my spirit guides. Then I sat down and started the meditation.

My Tiphareth/Archangel Michael altar. Some Qabalaist attribute TIphareth to Archangel Raphael but that’s a debate for another day. I’m still working on completing this altar and getting the energy just right but I’m liking the direction it’s going in.

What I remember the most about the meditation is that it really challenged my confidence in myself. Brigit was telling me to be confident and I sometimes have issues with believing in myself and my personal power. I had taken on so many projects and activities lately and I felt really spread thin. I’m a Capricorn with a lot of Sagittarius in my houses. If you look at that in the suits of Tarot, Capricorn rules pentacles, the realm of prosperity and manifestation and Sagittarius rules wands, the suit of action and get shit done. So combined the two and you can understand why I stress myself out trying to achieve, achieve, achieve. The meditation helped me release my self doubt, a few tears were shed, and I felt re-energized.

In class we went over the symbolism,  Suit of Swords and the Suit of Pentacles. I got loads of new perspectives, especially on the court cards.

One reason I’m really focusing on the court cards is because they’re helping me get the characters in my novel focused. The antagonists in my novel are the Page, Knight and King of Swords and since I’m trying to strengthen my characters and make them consistent after a beta reader said that he found many of my characters confusing and contradictory.  Viewing my characters as Court Cards helps me keep their personalities in perspective.


You see some weird stuff in the country …

Over the weekend I also went camping at a music festival in Whitesville, KY.  It was really nice to get out of the city to hear music. It also helped me get my Capricorn energy in check as the full moon moved into Virgo and granted me the clarity and healing that I needed .

I met a lot of great people and did some Tarot readings. I was going to set up a booth but I decide that the crowd was too small and I’d rather gift readings to people at such an intimate gathering than try to hustle. The festival admission was very economical so I didn’t have to worry about making back what I spent going to the party.  I enjoyed reading for my festi friends and helping them gain new perspectives on their lives. I also gained a lot of new perspectives on my life through the readings . I always think it’s amazing when I client teaches me something about myself during a reading.  I had a lot of good spiritual conversations with people and it was a very pleasant experience.


Having some fun at the festival.

I thought back to Brigit’s meditation and what she said about learning Tarot to help people. I never really saw myself as helping people when I read Tarot. I just saw it as something that I enjoy that  forges connections with new people.  I always recognized that it helped people but crediting that help to myself wasn’t something that I had ever really considered. I saw it more as the Tarot helping people, not me helping them.  Now I am starting to see that I help guide people with the Tarot. It helps me help the  client to shed light on a situation.

Week Three is underway and I wonder what new insights I will gain this week 🙂

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