Becoming the Magician

Out of Control Abundance

Things have been on nonstop lately and every new day is bringing another amazing development in my journey towards getting to Bali for Sacred Circularities. I’ve raised $310 on my gofundme from so many wonderful family and friends contributing over the past 3 days. It’s a far cry from the projected $2500 I need but I have confidence that I will be provided for. Whenever I read the good luck wishes my friends and family have written to me, it warms my heart and even makes me a little teary eyed. I am truly blessed.  Now I have to figure out how to return the blessings.

Last night I bought my plane ticket and it so happened that there was a flight that had a 17 hour layover in Japan. I was praying for 24 hours in Japan but 17 hours is enough time to eat, drink and be merry. I just miss Japan with all my soul and I’ve been needing a trip back. I reconnected with a really good friend and we’re making plans to get some of my other solid friends together for a night out in Tokyo. I am SUPER EXCITED. Japan is my spiritual home and I can’t wait to be there again. Another call to the Universe answered.

Everything in my life is going beautifully right now but I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. I feel like these blessings are unreal and I’m  in disbelief that all of this is happening to me.

Notes on the Biddy Tarot “The Fool” Meditation

I decided to do Brigit’s “The Fool” meditation before class. I drew a bath and referred to one of m favorite books Earth, Air, Fire, Water by the wonderful Scott Cunningham (R.I.P.) for a nice, relaxing bath spell. I modified it a little bit and set the mood for my meditation.

First of all, I feel like The Fool now. I’m going to Bali on credit but I couldn’t pass this opportunity up.  I’m basically being paid in admission to cover this event as a blogger and for someone who has been blogging for 12 years, it’s fabulously exciting to be given this chance to write professionally. And best of all, I get to write about two things that I love– hula hooping and spirituality. And I get to do it while traveling internationally?! Hell yes!  It’s the perfect job even if it is only for a week.  If I do a well, this could open so many doors for me.   So here I am, the Fool, packing my bag and going into the unknown.

I’m also the Magician because I’ve been on manifestation overdrive lately and I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the things I’ve been able to make happen in my life … too many to count. I know my spirit guides and guardians are helping me reach new levels of unity with the  Divine and it has changed my life in ways that words cannot explain.  I remain thankful and gracious and aware that a Tower, no matter how beautiful it is, can always crumble.

In class, we discussed how the Major Arcana cards 1-7 are all teachers and mentors. In the symbolic Fool’s Journey, each has something to give to The Fool. This message was literal in the mediation as each card character gifted something to The Fool. The gifts that stood out that were gifted to me were the sword from the Magician and keys from the Emperor.

My visit with the High Priestess also stood out to me. The meditation encouraged us to listen to the words of the High Priestess. She whispered in my ear “You are the High Priestess.” It will be interesting to explore that more in the High Priestess meditation.

The Heriophant was also a really awesome part of the mediation, which is strange because it’s not one of my favorite cards. My Fool’s journey led me into a Japanese temple where I sat down and meditated with a group of monks in black robes. We unified our minds and reached the collective consciousness as fog rolled in and surrounded everyone in the room.

The meditation for Temperance took a different turn.  It  inspired a new chapter in my novel and helps me resolve the missing relationship development between the Page of Cups and Knight of Cups. I started writing this chapter after the mediation and I find it going in a really exciting direction. It’s one of those chapters that the beauty of the Tarot imagery and symbolism really shines through.

The Sun and the Star also invoked very beautiful imagery because those cards hold a lot of meaning as to where this trip to Bali will take me.

When the mediation was over I grounded and got out of the tub but I was still feeling lucid. I drank a lot of water and put some Neroli oil on. The Neroli helped ground and calm me  and soon I my spiritual consciousness and my earth consciousness were back in  balanced.


Class was good. I always enjoy it so much. Brigit is always so joyful and positive and the class is enthusiastic and friendly.  We discussed the Major Arcana from cards 1-11 and connected with some new themes and symbolism on the cards. We also did sample readings and it was fun to see how everyone found different meanings in the card combination. We, as Tarot readers, are story tellers after all. And as a story teller, Tarot holds a very special place in my heart.

We just finished Week 4 so we have 2 more weeks left. I’m really going to miss this amazing class and all the positive growth it has brought to my life. I was so blessed to win the scholarship to this class and I hope some day I’m at a place financially where I can take all the classes. I saw Brigit is going to be in the United States in May and I’d love to go see her! I’ll have just gotten back from Bali though so the chances that I would be able to get the money together go are very slim. But hopefully, I can meet her in real life someday.

And now, back to the future!

For a Perfect Journey to Bali



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