Page of Pentacles

I’ve been really excited about my trip to Bali to blog for Sacred Circularities and I’ve been asking the cards to tell me what the benefits of this journey I’ve decided to undertake will be. Here are the 6 cards I drew.

What Bali Will Bring

The Page of Pentacles was the first card.  I take this to mean that I am going to get a good start as a professional writer because of this but I need to work hard for it. That’s fine because I need all the momentum I can get. Being a professional writer has been my dream since I was a little girl and I’ve been told by many friends, family and teachers that writing is my calling. But I never took my writing seriously like I took my dancing seriously.  Now I get to combined my writing and dancing and I may be able to use it as a springboard to get my writing off the ground.

Next card: Queen of Pentacles. I’m taking the Queen of Pentacles to be a mentor who can help me and boy, do I need it. I need someone who has made it as a writer to come in and be like “This is what you do to get noticed.” That feeds into the next card, the six of Pentacles,  which is me asking for help and receiving it so that I can raise to my full potential.

Strength indicates that I need to keep up the hard work. It’s promising that Strength is combined with the Page of Pentacles, a relentless, hard worker.  It shows that my determination and passion will help pull things together.

Like all good stories, there are threshold guardians.  They guard the right of passage and make sure only the worthy enter. This guardian is indicated by the Queen of Swords. She may seem strict and overbearing but when I get past her, I’ll be home free, as indicated with the 9 of Pentacles. It’s also interesting that she is facing away from me as if allowing me to pass. Let’s hope it’s that easy!

The Nine of Pentacles shows a woman who has obtained almost everything she’s wanted career/financially. She is a travler, she is a free spirit and she is the master of her own world.  I can’t help but think that somehow my novel is going to really benefit from this trip. I see myself making very good connections but I must stay grounded, centered and in the moment if I want to be able to fully take advantage to the opportunities that are going to be set before me.

This is the adventure that I am going on and I can’t help but be excited that so much potential awaits me.

I drew a final card to see what I can do to really honor my full potential and what lesson I need to learn.  I pulled the Temperance card. I work with Archangel Michael, the angel on this card, a lot and I’ve adopted him as my personal guardian and patron so pulling this gives this reading a very personal feeling. It’s like a sign that  my prayers have been heard.  I feel that Michael is going to guide me.  And with Micheal’s help, I  will learn about balance and acting thoroughly to get the job done properly.

The weather is a good analogy for where I see my life going. Today spring finally arrived. Overnight, the trees and flowers busted into bloom. I feel that spring is coming in my life and as well. I’m working very hard in meditation and I’ve joined a yoga class to help myself prepare for the balance that I need for the springtime that is coming. I’m looking forward to the day that  I open my eyes and find that the winter in my life has melted into a glorious spring day.


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