Let the Blessings Rain Down!

Recently, my life has resembled a firework show with colorful, joyful blessings raining down. But these blessings have been intense and explosive.  If you like the photographs in this post, make sure to check out Bellawillow Photography.  


Ostara Hoop Mandala. Photo by Bellawillo Photography

Ostara Hoop Mandala. Photo by Bellawillow Photography

Ostara Celebration

On Saturday my frineds, Sara and Amanda and I celebrated Ostara together.  We dyed Easter Eggs with natural dyes. Then we went to the farm that Sara and her boyfriend bought recently.

On a Tarot note, I had drawn the Ten of Swords before I left for Sara’s house and I thought it was strange because I trust Sara and Amanda and I didn’t think they were going to stab me in the back. When I was walking in the woods, I walked right into a thorn bush and got stabbed by lots of little thorns. So the meaning was quite literal.

It started to get dark and we made our way back to the fire pit. We started a big fire and then made a mandala out of an LED hoop, crystals and candles. I’m the only one in the group who practices high magic so we didn’t cast a circle (we were just doing a meditation anyway) but I did make sure all the elements were present and honored– candles at the quarters  for fire, incense at the quarters for air. I blessed salt and water and mixed them with lavender oil for earth, water and spirit. I moved clockwise and sprinkled the mixture on the mandala.

All photos courtesy of Bellawillow Photography

All photos courtesy of Bellawillow Photography



We started celebrating Sabbats on Yule and put in our intentions for what we wanted to grow in our lives this year. We’ve been meeting each Sabbat to check in on our progress, refocus our intentions and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. It’s been working really well and all of us have seen the abundance in our lives increasing. We meditated with our mandala and gave thanks for the many blessings we have received.

After the meditation we ran out to the middle of the field and hula hooped under the stars. We played with our LED hoops and Sara took some awesome pictures.

All photos courtesy of Bellawillow Photography

All photos courtesy of Bellawillow Photography

Blessings for Bali

Today the blessings manifested from Ostara made themselves known in my life when I GOT MY ACCEPTANCE TO BLOG AT SACRED CIRCULARITIES IN BALI!!! I was so shocked when I read the e-mail that it took all day to register that this is really happening. The universe heard my prayer and it’s being answered. But I need money for airfare.

A level 3 donor will receive a copy of this beautiful poster by Laurel Fleury and me. International shipping is available.

A level 3 donor will receive a copy of this beautiful poster by Laurel Fleury and me. International shipping is available.

So today I put my intention in for the airfare because Bali is a long, expensive, 23 hour flight from where I live.  But  the call to adventure is beckoning and like The Fool, I’m going to pack my bag and follow it. I’ve started a GoFundMe and if you’d like to contribute to my adventure, please donate. You can contribute as little as $5 and there’s a list of cool rewards available.

I’ve also approached some publications to find out if I can cover the event for them and I’m going to start researching grants tomorrow.

Tarot, Archtypes and Writing

Over the weekend I had a chance to really sit down with a wonderful book called The Writer’s Journey Mythinc Structure for Writers. I highly recommend this book.  It brought up the Jungian  Archetypes we discussed in  Brigit’s class and I was able to get  a solid grasp on what went wrong with my male protagonist and male antagonist. I seem to have done everything right as far as writing the plot line for a myth but two of my pivotal characters are confusing because they don’t wear the mask of their archetype convincingly.  So now I need to sit down, go over the archetype characteristics and think about how the Knight of Cups and the King of Swords would convincingly wear their masks.

It was also interesting to take the major arcana and apply it to archetypes in story telling since my story is told with Tarot cards.  Tarot, after all, is story telling and most good Tarot readers know how to see and tell stories that enrich, engage and aide people in their personal struggles. Each client is on the Fool’s journey and Tarot readers can act as mentors to the Fool who has questions about the direction his or her journey is taking.

So as you can see, my life has been super busy lately and things are really starting to happen that are changing my direction.  It will be ineresting to see where my own Fool’s journey leads me!

All Photos Courtsey of Bellawillow Photography

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