Reverse, Reverse!

I’m really proud of this reading because it’s the first time I’ve done a professional reading using reversed cards. I owe so much to Biddy Tarot for helping me get through the the blockage of reverse reading.

And now for the reading.


Oh wow, after those high quality Beltane pics, this image looks like shit. Sorry guys, I’m not a professional photographer ^^

I gave away unlimited free tarot readings for three months to people who contributed $50 or more to my fundraiser for Bali. I got my first request from a fund raiser contributor, long time friend, fan and overall awesome person, Jake, in Seattle. His question was:

“If offered the job in Washington DC, should I take it?”

Here’s how the reading broke down: Four of wands — this is usually indicative of a happy home coming and a happy home. Right there that tells me that you should consider staying where you are.

The next card is the 9 of swords. This means that all insecurities are in your head. At first I thought the insecurities were about what will happen if you relocate but now I think they’re about what you think will happen if you stay.

Five of swords shows some underhanded action, probably someone else who would like to take this job that you were offered meaning that if you don’t go, they have other candidates in mind. In fact, another candidate may be someone that would be a better fit for the job anyway.

Four of swords is a resting card so I think it means you need to sleep on it before you make a decision.

The appearance of the Ace of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles and King of Pentacles represent the people who you would surround you at this new company and help you gain financial success. If money is what you’re looking for, then I say go but your emotional and relationship cards don’t look good if you do go.

The 8 of cups shows you walking away from a lot of good relationships you’ve built and into a situation where you may not be able to forge such meaningful relationships again.

The reversed three of swords makes me think that the loss of these relationships won’t hurt you as deeply as they’ll hurt the people you’re leaving behind. If you have a girlfriend, you will lose her too.

The reversed Knight of Swords and the Reversed Fool strengthen the four of swords and emphasizes that you need to think this through and not jump into it. The money will be worth it; but ask yourself if losing the relationships that you have is worth the money.

Jake said that he reading definitely gave him something to think about and I reminded him that since he has 3 months of free readings to hit me up any time!

Last but not least, I finally got my certificate of completion for the Biddy Tarot class! Look who’s officially a certified Tarot reader now. This gal!



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