Cheron and the Six of Swords

First off, I had the pleasure of being video interviewed by Biddy Tarot about the Master the Tarot class I won the scholarship to. Brigit was a total sweetheart and it was great getting to chat with her on Skype. She thanked me for doing all I could to to contribute to the class and complimented this blog, which was really awesome. If you want a good tarot class, I can’t recommend this class enough and I’m not just saying that. I really mean it. It’s great for all levels.

Today I went to the Friends of the Library book sale and found a great book called The Secret Language of the Tarot by Ruth and Wald Amberstone. It’s all about Tarot Symbolism, which I personally can’t get enough of.  I highly recommend it if you want to go deeper into the Tarot.

I finished the 2nd draft of my novel last Tuesday which is quite overwhelming. I can’t believe I hit this major milestone and now I have to do the line edits. Yuuuuck.

Since pitching my idea is just around the corner, I’ve been researching how to pitch my idea to agents and editors. I found a regional writer’s conference where agents will be hearing pitches and applied for a scholarship. The winners of the scholarships will be announced on Monday. I did a tarot reading to find out how I fared in the competition and this is what I got. I looked up some of the symbols and it seemed to tell a story about a decent into the underworld but I’m really puzzled as to what this means about receiving a scholarship.


So I always go by the rule “What falls on the floor comes in the door.” The Moon jumped out so I kept it.

I looked up what the pool in the Moon card means in The Secret Language of the Tarot . The book said it refers to a long spiritual journey, which I can see because writing this series has been a spiritual journey after all the research on angels, demons, magick, mysticism and mythology  I’ve done and working the Tarot into the story.  But generally speaking, the Moon represents my nervousness about the scholarship. Fair enough. It’s a big deal to get a chance to talk to agents and sell my story face to face.

The next card is the Six of Swords. I found it really interesting that The Secret Language of the Tarot mentioned in the section about rivers as symbols mentioned that one of the five rivers of Hades is Acheron, the river of woe that represents the division between dimension of the  living and the dead.  Cheron is the guide who takes souls to their permanent resting place on the river into the Underworld. Interestingly enough, this seems to be the image on the six of swords although the book doesn’t go so far as to draw that conclusion, it seems like that symbolism is strong enough to resonate with this particular reading. Rivers represent movement and cleansing in the Tarot so it seems like in this particular refers to movement and facing problems and troubles. Possibly carrying troubles with me. What kind of troubles? Let’s see where Cheron says I’m being taken.

To the Devil! Oh great. Jeeze. Being bound and trapped and not being able to get out of hell. Wtf is this all about? I can see two possibilities. 1) my fears about this scholarship are uncalled for and I’m trapping myself in worries or 2) I may get into a binding contract if I sell my story.

The last card is Judgement. I take this to literally mean being judged. However, Archangel Gabriel is the angel on the card and she (yes she. I’m one of those people who sees Archangel Gabriel as a female when I work with her)  is one of the main characters in my novel and I sort of see it as that my story will be heard one way or another.

So what does it all mean. Well, I’m not sure and that’s why I need your help. What do you see in this reading? Help me out because I really suck at reading for myself even though I’m an ace at reading for other people! Drop me a line and let me know what you think!


One thought on “Cheron and the Six of Swords

  1. As the jumping card, The Moon reflects your anxieties and doubts about the competition. It’s reasonable to feel that way about your scholarship, especially when Donna Hazel said the publishing industry can be difficult. The Six of Swords empowers the fears shown by The Moon. You’ve done and submitted your material and left the decisions to the judges. Now that the draft is in their hands, you have little control. You try to leave these worries (choppy waters) as you direct your sight to the scholarship (hoping for an island to land). The Devil indicates the bondage that you’ve formed to your work. The scholarship or grant is important because you’ve worked hard on your urban fantasy.

    The results of the scholarship must have already been revealed (as you posted this article on June 7). If you did get the scholarship, Judgment awakens you to numerous possibilities. If you didn’t get the scholarship, Judgment asks you to release sorrows and unburden yourself. Listen to angel Gabriel’s calling and make new goals again: only then you’d remember your true vocation.

    Best of luck in your writing career!

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