A Glamorous, Glittery Mess

As some of you know, I’ve entered a writing contest in hopes of obtaining a mentor in the first round and an agent in the second round.  One of the games we’re playing is creating a blog hop that lets the mentors check out their potential mentees. I’m a few days behind on the game but I thought it’d be fun to do a Tarot based bio. I actually created spreads so I can tie this in with the Biddy Tarot Foundations II class. Note: I chose these cards on purpose. I did not pull them like I was doing a reading.

So here we go, my bio as seen through the world of Tarot.

About Me

About Me

About Me

Top Card: Knight of Wards, which is who I am right now. I’m ambitious, social and I jump right into the middle of everything. I’m a all or nothing take no prisoners kind of gal and my passion drives me.

Bottom Card: Queen of Wands, who I will become. The queen of wands is a lot more balanced than the knight. She is a social butterfly but has maturity that the knight’s uncontrolled energy lacks.

Right Card: What’s in my heart, Ace of Cups: I’m a creative person overflowing with love and emotions. I find balance through meditation and using Tarot to put things in perspective when my emotions are highly charged.

Left Card: My Strengths, The Magician: I believe that I have the tools necessary to do anything I put my mind to.

Middle Card: Who I Strive to Be: I want to be a wise woman like the High Priestess. She uses the knowledge of her higher self possesses to guide her, and those who come to her for help.

My Background


The World, Death, The Tower, The Fool, The Star, Strength, Justice, 9 of Swords, the Hermit

Ten years ago, when I was 20, I left home with $200 and decided to strike out on my own. This started a journey that took me all over the world. I went, first from city to city party hopping and then from country to country, in search of what it means to be human. I’ve worked as a dancer at underground raves and at big, mainstream music events around the world.  I’ve lived in Japan, The United Arab Emirates (Dubai specifically) and South Korea. I’ve backpacked through Ecuador and Peru and traveled through Spain, France and Italy. I’ve visited Guam and Indonesia. I’ve taken a train across the United States and driven all around the Eastern Coast from Canada down to Miami. I love traveling and I write about a lot what it’s like to be a traveler.

My favorite country  is Japan. I lived there for 3 years and it’s very near and dear to my heart. I think of my home as Japan rather than the United States, as weird as that sounds. My carefree travel days ended, however, when I was caught in the Great Tohoku Earthquake on March 3, 2011. I went and wandered around in South America after the earthquake, two steps away from being homeless, wondering how this could have happened and wondering if it would ever be safe to move back to Japan. I still don’t know the answer to that question. I came back to the US penniless and jobless. I tried so hard to find a job but nothing happened for me. I felt lost, but I stayed strong and pushed my dancing forward, hoping to get good enough to dance full time. But a legal problem made me give up dancing completely and when I gave up dancing, I gave up on life for a while. I stopped going out, shut myself away and began writing the Where There is No Night series. And through that, I built a better version of myself.  I became the Hermit, locked away with my metaphysical books and the idea for a potentially controversial, complicated story about the Feminine Divine, Archangels and the Apocalypse.

Present to Future Spread


Foundation: Temperance, The Empress, The Lovers, 10 of cups. Influences: Judgement and the Chariot Outcome: Wheel of Fortune

I’m taking a positive direction as I move into the future. The Foundation row shows all the things that have happened that have helped me grow as a person. The Temperance card, which traditionally features Archangel Michael, traditionally calls for balance but it means so much more to me. The Empress is all about fertility and potential and I see that in my work. She is traditionally pregnant, which is appropriate for a writer. Writing is like being pregnant and the road to publication is like going into a long, painful labor. The Lovers is my wonderful boyfriend who has been there for me every step of the way. He’s read every draft I’ve thrown in his face and was straight up with me when he thought my male protagonist was a little bitch and needed a rewrite. He is the other half of me. Lastly, I know all my dreams will come true, like the 10 of Cups, and that belief in my dreams keeps me going.

The 2nd row are the influences in my life right now. Judgement traditionally features Gabriel blowing her/his horn and announcing Judgement Day. It would be safe to say that this is the card that represents my story. The other influence card is The Chariot, which is a card of movement. I’m finally getting out of the slump I was stuck in and exciting things are happening.

The outcome I chose is the Wheel of Fortune because we never know what will happen. The future has yet to be determined.

Tarot Cards in My Book

I used a Tarot card for each chapter of my book. I defined how the card applies at the beginning of each chapter so the reader can guess how fortune will play out for my characters.  There’s been a lot of excitement in my Tarot class about my story so I’ll post pictures of the cards that represent each chapter for Tarotistas to play with and predict what happens. It should be a fun game 😉

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