The Last Moments Before Dawn

A lot of you have been anxiously waiting for me to post this so here it is. As I said before, each chapter of my novel is a Tarot card. Each card foreshadows what will happen in each chapter and also hints at the energy surrounding the characters.


Above are all 36 of my chapters. I’m going to post half of the chapters now and half later so as not to overwhelm new readers who may want to make some guesses about the plot.


Chapters 1- 16

1. The Page of Cups — The page longs for new creative ventures and new experiences in love.
2. 6 of Cups– A friend or lover from the past appears.
3. The Star– If reality can destroy dreams, dreams can destroy reality.
4. Ace of Swords — A sharp intellect is required to face new problems.
5. The Chariot– When one takes control, movement and change are inevitable.
6. King of Pentacles– The King of Pentacles is a master of financial affairs and prosperity.
7. Ace of Wands — Messages of new beginnings in your career and social life.
8. The Moon — Beware! things are not as they seem.
9. 3 of Pentacles — Success in creative and business affairs through teamwork. Building a foundation.
10. Temperance — The angel on the card is Archangel Michael. Michael teaches that we must look to our higher selves to achieve balance.
11. 2 of Cups — New partnerships form.
12. The High Priestess — She holds all the answers you seek.
13. 7 of Cups– Intoxication adds to the illusion.
14. 5 of Wands– A tense conflict looms.
15. Knight of Cups– The knight is loving and sensual but his strong emotions cause him to act impulsively.
16. Page of Pentacles — The page is a willing student who does not always play fair.

I’ll post the rest of the chapters next time. If you have any questions or would like to make any guesses, go right ahead in the comments! I’d love to hear what you think!

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