Tarot Reading for Pam

My friend, Pam, is a gifted healer. She gives the best reiki treatments and I always go to her when my spirit needs balancing.   I was gearing up for the partial solar eclipse and waiting for Mercury to go out of retrograde, I went to see Pam and received one of the best reiki healing I’ve ever received.

When I laid down on the massage table, my hand got really hot, like someone was holding it. I knew that my angels, spirit guides and ancestors were with me and I spent the next thirty minutes wrapped in their cleansing love. I need their support more than ever now.

I’m really trying to get my life moving in a different direction after flailing about for the past three years. I have three aims:
1) To become a full time, professional Tarot reader and spiritual adviser/life coach.
2)To further this goal, I’m taking Biddy Tarot’s Grow Your Own Tarot Business Online class. There is so much information but the community is always helpful, supportive and bustling with new ideas. I wouldn’t expect anything else from Biddy Tarot though.
3)I’m also doing a business internship. The internship has been awesome so far. I got to help edit an ebook and I’m also helping out with the company’s Pinterest. I’m learning tons and it’s helping me think about how I can apply some of these strategies to my own business in creative, new ways.
4) I’m also trying to put my talent for writing to use and use it as a way to attract clients. I’ve pulled together a team and we’re putting together an authentic, spiritual and arts newsletter geared towards millennials. There are fringy, New Age newsletters out there by millennials for millennials but I want to create a respected publication. We’re putting together our mission statement and brainstorming a name. We’re going to publish articles on Tarot, Gem, Wicca, Astrology, music, fashion and art. It will be interesting to see what kind of response I get. There are people outside of my generation that are interested in the publication.
5) I’m working on the 4th draft of my intuitive Tarot based novel which is exciting because I think I finally figured out what this thing needs to sell but for now, my novel is buried under all my other projects. I feel like I need to start marking days on my calendar to work on it so it actually gets done and not shoved into a digital drawer to save for later…

One reason why the reiki treatment was so nice was because I felt a strong connection with the Tarot suit of cups during it. Tarot is such a part of my life now that my intuition speaks in Tarot even when I don’t have a deck in front of me. I saw the Ten of Cups and the Ace of Cups during my treatment, flashing back and forth and I received the healing energy and welcomed the blessings. I’m at the end of an emotional journey, having cycled through the path of the Cups and am starting a new emotional journey and I totally feel that. The end of my emotional journey was so peaceful and hopeful but now that I’m in a new cycle and I’m at the beginning, I know I have to push hard and give it my best to push for success. I think the thing that I need to learn now is how to pace myself, have patience, and know that good things come to those who wait.

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