The Deconstruction and Reonstruction of the Temple: A New Cycle and Discovering My Life Purpose

I just moved and it was a gigantic pain in my ass.  I didn’t want to do it, mostly because I had to break down the sacred space I’d spent a year cultivating, pack it all up and move to a smaller, more affordable apartment that isn’t big enough to reconstruct my “temple”. The room I was using for the temple at the old house was really cute with a peaked ceiling and a stained glass window.  It contained altars to several Archangels as well as the god and goddess, my magic and mysticism library, and of course, my ritual and meditation space. I put so much work into that area of the house. It was my little slice of peace when I needed a break from all the chaos in the world.

Even though I didn’t move far, this move was WAY more difficult than any move I’ve made, including moves to foreign countries. But I must admit that every time I’ve moved, it’s taken me a month or two to really vibe with the new location. So feeling unsettled after a move for me is normal and letting go of attachments to places is never easy.

Last night was my first night of really settling in to the new house and it  I felt like everything was in total upheaval. It was like the energy of the Tower that surrounded me and my boyfriend through the move came to a climax. There was a flash of inspiration (the old place was too small and had too many problems), we decided to move, packed up the house (the Tower falling down) and now we’re starting over (the climax of the story of the Tower).

Needless to say, I needed time to mourn and I was still feeling that when I woke up this morning. I cried because I really missed how it felt to wake up in the old place. I just kept thinking that I want this place to feel like home. It’s not the first time I’ve felt homesick after a move but it was strange because usually, when I feel homesick, it’s when I really miss Japan. But the place I miss the most now is right down the street.

Of course, like anyone who practices, I saged the new place before I went to sleep on the first night. It left the energy in the house completely dead, which is good because I knew that I cleared out any leftover energy that may have been lingering. But now it’s up to me and my boyfriend  to build the home we want so I should probably continue to sage on a regular basis until things are in balance again.

New House, New Beginnings

The good news is that even though I’m not really enthusiastic about my move, all of my Tarot readings point to prosperity and stability on the way as a direct result of moving. So it will be interesting to see how that manifests. My boyfriend and I are already seeing a difference in our money and we both know that we will be financially comfortable here. And in the meantime, I have a goal to work towards: getting this business off the ground. I want a beautiful home that I can run my future business out of.

I guess since Mercury went out of retrograde and we’re not longer sandwiched between two eclipses, I see this as a time to be like the Fool (who I featured in my newsletter due out later this month. Go here so you won’t miss the launch). I need to be brave to take the steps toward living the life I want to live and really working towards growing and building that dream. I want to be more than a Tarot reader. I want to help my clients find their spiritual paths, help them discover the transformation that comes from working with angels and spirit guides and I want to help them discover their life purposes. My goal is to offer authentic classes centered on the self discovery journey of the Tarot. I want to help people become the writer and the producer of their own life stories. Because we all have a story and we are the masters of our own destinies.

In order to help myself get focused in this venture, I’m taking Biddy Tarot’s Grow Your Own Tarot Business Online class and it’s really expanding my thoughts about what goes into establishing and most importantly, building and marketing a brand.  I’m upping my Tarot reading prices and I’m getting ready to launch my Year Forecast Package so stay turned!

Then the other side of the coin is my novel. Things are coming together quite nicely and I’m really excited about the direction this rewrite is taking. Over the past week, I’ve thought about how nice it would be if I could just listen to music all day and work on writing stories. I could do it wherever I am in the world. I’m a world traveler and I would love to just move from country to country, writing and working/teaching/dancing at events because those are the things I do that don’t feel like work.

Honestly, I really have my sites set on being a successful writer and understanding marketing and branding is the way to get the kind of success I want.  I have a lot of really risky but very cutting edge ideas for ways to release my story if I decide to go the indy route but I’m not sure if I want to go down that road yet. The story itself is edgy, controversial and laden with Tarot, occultism, mysticism and hours and hours of research about angels and demons. So in order to sell it, I have to make sure it’s a good story so anyone can enjoy it and push  the envelope in all the right ways so I can get away with being edgy. I also need to make sure the occult symbols and meanings are woven into the plot in a way that for those who are into mysticism to read the hidden spiritual allegory beneath the story without disrupting the story for those who don’t give a shit about the occult. I have a fantastic editor in Australia, Kate Foster who is helping me with this rewrite and she’s really supportive, gives great feedback she’s also a great friend. Check out her blog to find out more about her services.

All in all, a lot of new beginnings, finding a balance with new energies and ideas in my life and taking baby steps toward the edge of the diving board so when I take the big plunge and open up and submerge myself in my life purpose, I’ll be ready for it.

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