Calling Artists

My synopsis in Tarot.

My synopsis in Tarot.

So I’m super excited about releasing a pilot for my series. I’m trying to gauge if this radical self publication idea will work. I’m trying to gather a team of gifted people who are interested in an experimental project.  This is what I’m in the market for.

1) I need an artist who would be interested in collaborating on a Tarot deck based on my novel. The deck would incorporate the characters, scenes from the story, traditional Tarot symbolism as well as mystical symbols found in the story.  Ideally, I would color these images myself but I’m not opposed to letting the artist color the cards if they want to.

2) Someone who is a bad ass at audio/music mixing and recording. Experience in electronic and dance music is a plus.

3) Music contributors. I’m focusing on witch house but I’m not opposed to other genres. I want to keep it on the dark side of EDM but nothing too abrasive to distract the listener (so we’re talking more along the lines of dark progressive trance).there is, however, also a place for uplifting vocal trance, psytrance, psychill and progressive as well.

If you’re interested, please respond to this post. I like to pay people what they’re worth and I’m open to discussing pricing for services but keep in mind that I am by no means rich. My end goal is to make some money off this project and all artists I work with will get a cut of what we make.

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