Pick a card, any card

I was feeling the #PsychicTarotOracle deck by #JohnHolland and decided to pull a few cards for my pals. Pick a card that resonates with you and post it in the comments. The answers will be revealed shortly 😉 And as always, don’t forget to stay connected by signing up for updates.

Answers will be revealed by video post on 2/26/15!

2 thoughts on “Pick a card, any card

    • Here are the answers!

      #OpenReading #OracleCard results revealed!
      1) #ThreeOfCups It’s a time for #celebration! Just don’t party too hard!
      2) #TheMagician You have all the tools you need for #success. Now learn how to use them.
      3) #Temperance #patience are needed to bring things into to #balance. Growth takes time.

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