Tarot Forecast for March 15, 2015 – March 21, 2015

The HermitThe overall energy of the week is the Hermit. It’s the 11th week of the year so in numerology it would be 1+1=2. The Hermit is ruled by the number 7 so the numerology, combined with the meaning of the card, indicates that it’s a good time to go within to look for balance by detaching yourself from emotions and habits that hold you back. Sometimes it’s easier to think clearly when we spend time in quiet solitude. Work on cultivating a daily meditation practice by simply sitting still for ten minutes every day and being present in the moment. Dropping all your baggage will naturally help you put the things that stress you out down and not pick them up again. The journal pages are late but I really enjoyed putting them together so check them out here.

All times in the Forecast are set to Eastern Standard Time.

10 of PentaclesSunday 3/15/15 10 of Pentacles
Numerology: 8
Moon in Capricorn
The Moon is in Capricorn and squares Mars so it will be easy to get up in the negatives but it won’t be possible to overcome. The Ten of Pentacles is energy is quite the opposite, and appears as a reminder to us to appreciate the abundance that is heading our way. The numerology of the day is 8, so the big pay off is just around the corner. It’s a day to count your blessings and the feelings of inadequacy hanging in the stars.
Mantra: Abundance is abound!

The MagicianMonday 3/16/15 The Magician
Numerology: 9
Moon enters Aquarius at 6:14 AM
The Magician holds his wand high in preparation for a ritual. He has all the tools he needs to manifest what he wants. The Magician reminds us that we have more power than we know. With the Moon in Aquarius, you can use the power of the Magician to liberate yourself from the repressed feelings that come with Moon the squares Venus and the overthinking that comes with Mercury squaring Saturn. Uranus squares Pluto so there is plenty of room for manifesting new beginnings as the old ways break apart and fall away. Saturn in Sagittarius may make it seem our dreams our unattainable but stay focus and stay the course. Instead, use it as a way to contemplate serious plans for the future. This is reinforced by 9, the numerology for the day. 9 is the last step before completion and ironically, the Magician is ruled by the number one. 1(0) follows 9 in numerology and indicates new beginnings. It’s a powerful day so take full advantage of it.
Mantra: I am powerful.

Wheel of FortuneTuesday 3/17/15 Wheel of Fortune
Numerology: 1(0)
Moon Void of Course in Aquarius 2:18 PM
It’s going to be a hectic day with the energies in the air today. The moon is void of course at 2:18PM and there is a Moon/Jupiter opposition which cautions us to be careful with our finances. There is also a Moon/Neptune sextile which will magnify the disruptions that come with the Moon Void of Course. So the Wheel of Fortune brings some good advice. With the moon in its Balsamic phase and void of course, it’s a good time to sit back and let everything that happens and unfolds happen. The numerology of the day is 1(0) so whatever begins on this chaotic day and lasts is surely meant to be.
Mantra: Whatever will be will be.

Three of Swords0004Wednesday 3/18/15 3 of Swords
Numerology: 2
Moon enters Pisces at 6:58 AM
We’re back to the double shot of Pisces with the Moon and Sun both in the same sign. It could be an emotional day since the Three of Swords appeared. Pain and disappointment unfortunately are in the cards for the day. This may be a result of the Moon squaring Saturn and bringing it’s buddies, discontentment and depression along with it. The Moon’s connection with Neptune and Mercury in Pisces will bring sympathy and kindness from friends, family and even strangers. The numerology of the day is 2, which indicates that it’s painful when things end but many times, things end because we outgrow them and they no longer bring balance and harmony to our lives. In order to make way for the new, the old has to end and we have to recognize when it’s time to say “good-bye”.
Mantra: I’m not afraid to ask for help.

Seven of SwordsThursday 3/19/15 7 of Swords
Numerology: 3
Moon in Pisces
The Seven of Swords shows a thief making off with all the goods. You may feel taken advantage of today and most likely, it’s not all in your head. There are shitty people out there and sometimes you just have to deal with them. The Moon is in Pisces and it also makes a sextile with Pluto so emotional outbursts are possible. But all of this is here to teach you a lesson about assertiveness. It’s time to stand up for yourself and be firm, but not hostile, in situations where you know someone is trying to take the upper hand. Usually sneaking guys like the one pictured on the 7 of Pentacles back down when they’re caught red handed because cowards prefer to run away and move in the shadows instead of being called out and risking a confrontation. The numerology of the day is 3, a number of partnership, so once again, this sneaky person may be someone you work with. But you’re putting the pieces of the puzzle together and you’re starting to see the truth.
Mantra: I can handle the truth.

King of Wands0003Friday 3/20/15 King of Wands
Numerology: 6
Solar Eclipse in Pisces 5:37 AM
Moon enters Aries at 6:28
The King of Wands is a fiery go getter who isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. The eclipse in the last degree of Pisces makes it a good time to let go of illusions, attachments, addictions and unrealistic dreams. The King of Wands encourages you to release these things so you will be free to keep driving toward your goals, driven forward by the Moon shifting into Aries. The numerology of the day is six, which is great for communication and problem solving.
Mantra: I see my true potential.

The King of PentaclesSaturday 3/21/15 King of Pentacles
Numerology: 5
Moon Void of Course at 6:51 PM
The King of Pentacles is the master of his finances. With the Moon making a trine with Jupiter, it’s a great day to wrap up business but not a good day to start any. With the energy of the no nonsense king and the Moon linking to Uranus and squaring Pluto, you may feel a little uneasy and emotional. In numerology, the day is a 5 which indicates that things may seem a little shaky. The energy of the King is here to help you counter those feelings from the stars and give you a boost of confidence. If you’re uncertain about the way things are going in your life, mimic the conservative king and continue doing what worked in the past to draw abundance to you. Often times, creating a successful plan involves finding the right combination of action mixed with consistency. It’s also a great day to call upon our card for the week, The Hermit, to help you stay consistent in your methods of drawing abundance to yourself.
Mantra: Forming good habits will draw abundance to me.

I’m Alanna L.P., also know as D’arcy Decadence, of Magadalena Tarot Inc.  I’ve been reading Tarot for 10 years and I’m also a Magickal Qabalaist and practicing witch. With the growing shift of consciousness in my generation, my aim is to reinvent Tarot and help millennials find spiritual growth and guidance through multimedia interaction. If you’d like deeper insight into how the Tarot plays into your life, book a reading with me here. If you’d like to receive updates by e-mail, go here.

JodieJodie Lewin is the founder of Braveheart Astrology. She uses astrology to help women over 30 get clear about their purpose so they can reach their potential and live a more joyful, meaningful and abundant life. She also helps entrepreneurs brand their business so it aligns with their personality and purpose, and helps them make better business decisions by understanding and making the most of the cosmic energies available to them. Connect with Jodie at Braveheart Astrology.

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