Tarot Forecast 8/9/15 – 8/15/15


It’s the 31st week of the year and in numerology, 3+1=4 so one of the main themes for the week is stability. The card of the week is the 9 of Pentacles, a card of abundance and freedom. The woman on the card sits in a lush garden surrounded by material wealth. She keeps a hawk as her pet, that comes and goes as it pleases, symbolizing her independence. You’re very close to capturing the freedom that you want but your foundation must be stable in order for you to have success. This week, the challenge is to find freedom in stability. On a side note, Venus enters her dark phase where she disappears from the sky completely for two weeks. In mythology, this symbolizes the journey of the goddess into the underworld, where she’ll stay until August 20th when she rises like a Phoenix and enters her morning star – or Lucifer – phase. The time that Venus is away will be a time when we are forced to confront our shadow selves. We’ll see all our shortcomings and we may even feel that there’s nothing we can do about it. But when Venus emerges, infused with the fire of the Underworld in her Morning Star phase, all of a sudden, we’ll want to break free and grasp for freedom. However, Jupiter enters Virgo this week and will be in Virgo for the next year. Virgo, the picky sign of the Zodiac clashes with mellow, carefree Jupiter so everything you do may be under the microscope. But through the close examination, we can turn little things into big things.  Plan accordingly. To receive the forecast in your inbox, along with other goodies, in your inbox every week, join my mailing list here!

All times in the Forecast are set to Pacific Standard Time. For time conversions, go here.

HermitSunday 8/9/15 The Hermit
Numerology: 7
Moon in Gemini
The card for the day is the Hermit, so you may be tempted to stay at home but with the Moon in the talkative, spontaneous sign of Gemini, that may be difficult to do if friends and family come calling. If you do go out and about, it should be a nice afternoon. The Moon trine Sun brings a positive and harmonious vibe to the day. You may have breakthroughs if you’re feeling stuck thanks to the Moon trine Uranus. Moon trine Venus makes it a great day to get outside and appreciate nature and indulge in the arts. The number of the day is 7, a number of reflection and discovery. It’s the ninth day of the month, the card of the week is the 9 of Pentacles and the Hermit is also numbered 9. Whatever you’re after is just around the corner. You’re like the Hermit, looking down the mountain from where you came from. You now have the knowledge to help others on their journey. When play time is over, go home and have some quiet time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going.
Mantra: I know when to ask for space.

TemperanceMonday 8/10/15 Temperance
Numerology: 8
Moon Void of Course 4:45 AM PST
Moon enters Cancer 5:08 AM PST
Temperance is a card of balance and patience. Once we’ve learned how to balance between our fiery passion and our watery emotions, things will make sense. And it’s interesting because early in the morning, the Moon comes home to the water rule Cancer. The Moon sextile Jupiter will bring out the positive side of Mother Moon’s side with joy and laughter. Moon sextile Mercury makes for quick witted, intellectual conversation today and strengthening communication. If there’s any relationships that need healing, you’ll find the words that you need to say today. This is the last hurrah for Venus Evening Star in her retrograde phase so it’s a favorable time to patch up relationships. The Moon trine Neptune brings sensitivity to the needs of others and will bless you with the intuition to know what you need to say in order to make amends. The number of the day 8, signaling revival through movement forward.
Mantra: Sometimes the most important thing you can say to someone is “I’m sorry”.

EmpressTuesday 8/11/15 The Empress
Numerology: 9
Moon in Cancer
The card of the day is The Empress, fitting for the day when Venus disappears from the sky for two weeks. The goddess descends into the underworld and we, like the goddess, will meet our shadow self. The Empress has a loving, nurturing side but also a selfish, obsessive side and it will be given the task to unite the shadow sides of ourselves. Jupiter moves into the sign of Virgo where he’ll stay for the next year so we will be putting ourselves under the microscope. Sensitivity is high in the sign of Cancer and the Moon opposite Pluto will increase the emotional turbulence. Moon square Uranus will leave you feeling bound, like the goddess’ sacrificial journey to the Underworld. The number of the day is 9, a number of nearing completion. The goddess will rise again infused with the light of the day. Until then, embrace your shadow self and learn its assists in preparation for the goddess’ return.
Mantra: I will no longer fear my shadow self, but will embrace it, nurture it and love it because it is part of me.

Ace of SwordsWednesday 8/12/15 Ace of Swords
Numerology: 1(0)
Moon Void of Course 10:44 AM PST
Moon Enters Leo 1:52 PM EST
The Ace of Swords calls you to take up the sword and fight for what you want. You will be given the power to overcome anything that stands in your way but know that sacrifices need to be made along the way. The Moon is in Leo, giving you the courage to accept and undertake the journey. The Moon trine Saturn calls for you to use your best organizational skills to formulate a battle plan. Mercury opposite Neptune may muddle communications so remember that actions speak louder than words. The Moon conjunct Mars at 7:00 PM PST may bring some belligerent energy so all and all, use today is a day to recognize and accept your duty but put off implementing anything until the planets shine a little more favorably upon us. The number of the day is 1, the same as the Ace. New beginnings are upon us but the task at hand is great.
Mantra: Greatness does not come without sacrifice.

Ace of CupsThursday 8/13/15 Ace of Cups
Numerology: 2
Moon in Leo
Whereas yesterday you received a call to action, today you will receive new beginnings in love, creativity and emotions. The Sun and Moon are both in the fiery sign of Leo, which may tempt you to contact old lovers and rekindle flames. Venus is in her dark phase and she’s also in retrograde so pour some of that water from the cups on any sizzle embers of old romances. If someone from your past appears, you may want to have a chat but only to bring closure. The Sun trine Uranus will leave you wanting to get crazy and try something new and unconventional. If you’re in a relationship, this could mean exploring new things in the bedroom and spice up your sex life. Things could get intense on all relationship fronts and the number of the day, 2, reminds you to stay balanced and grounded to prevent feeling overwhelmed.
Mantra: I know when to let go.

7 of CupsFriday 8/14/15 7 of Cups
Numerology: 3
New Moon in Leo 7:53 AM PST
Moon Void of Course 9:36 PM
The Seven of Cups is a card of the dreamer. The man on the card sees his dreams bright and blindly in front of him. But he must recognize that they are dreams that must be worked for and that it will take a lot for him to “have it all”. Can you rise to the challenge? It’s New Moon so it’s a time for the seeds to be planted for what you want to manifest in this next lunar cycle. Moon trine Uranus will bring breakthroughs and give you the ambitious drive you need to get where you’re going. This will bring harmony as the Moon conjunct Sun makes the scene in the early morning. The Moon conjunct Venus will bring good cheer to any social situation your find yourself in early in the day. You may want to call it an early night, however, because the Moon square Saturn at 9:00 PM PST will usher in some negative energy that’s best to be avoided. The Number of the day is 3, a number of things coming together.
Mantra: I want it all and I will have it all.

SunSaturday 8/15/15 The Sun
Numerology: 4
Moon in Virgo
The Sun is shining on you today with the appearance of the Sun card while the Sun is in Virgo. You will feel young, wild and free energy pumping through you and driving you forward. Moon conjunct Jupiter will boost your health and you’ll feel optimistic about your future. You will be aware of what needs to change and you will be able to make a commitment to change it. Love will shower down around you with the Sun conjunct Venus. It will be a wonderful day to embrace your shadow self and show it the warmth of the light. Mercury trine Pluto will help you resolve any issues you do have with your shadow self too. But don’t let the dark side of your shadow deceive you as with Moon conjunct Neptune. It’s good to embrace the darkness but letting the darkness or the light get out of balance is counterproductive to growth. The number of the day is 4, a number of stability.
Mantra: I will have stability by uniting my dark and light sides. Through this, I become whole.

Magdalena Tarot does not claim the rights to any of the Tarot card images used here. All images are from the Tarot Mucha deck published by Lo Scarabeco

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