Venus on the Cusp of Aquarius

What a weird day. I’ve been thinking about submitting to a publishing house that found me through a Twitter competition but I couldn’t find any author reviews of then online. They weren’t listed as a scam house on the resources I checked but I still felt uneasy about them. So I’ve been researching them trying to dig something up to help me make the right decision.

I was in a Vietnamese restaurant waiting for my food. The restaurant had a strange vibe and at first, I almost walked out because I didn’t like the way it felt. But I’ve been sick and I really wanted a good bowl of Pho and the place came highly recommended.

I sat at the table, ignoring the terrible service from the staff, Googling the house. Nothing came up that satisfied me so I included the word warning” in my search.
“MEEP! MEEP! MEEP!” a siren suddenly blared on TV. I looked up and the words, “Severe Weather Warning Test” were in bold letters on the screen.

Then a menu holder fell off a ledge and onto the table. A girl waiting to be seated turned to me and said, “That was weird, that thing just jumped without anyone touching it.”
“The energy is weird in here,” I replied.
Don’t think I’ll be going back there again any time soon.

Later I realized I’d left my phone charger at Mary’s so I went out to buy one. I thought 711 was a good place to get a cheap charger. As I approached the door, I noticed a flame coming out of what I thought was a pipe behind the Red Box. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a green candle that was shaped like a figure. It looked like a prosperity spell, most likely hudo based, but it was burning dangerously close to wires and it seemed like whoever picked that place to do their magick didn’t think things through.

I had a moral dilemma because on one hand, I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s spell but on the other hand, I didn’t want 711 to catch on fire. In the end, I reported it to the staff for them to decide what to do with it. I’m sure they thought I sounded crazy as hell when I warned them that it looked like witchcraft but I didn’t want them to handle it disrespectfully.

I’m getting a I Jing reading from my neighborhood friend tonight and I think with all the events of the day, it should be very interesting.

The wind is blowing really hard and Venus enters Aquarius tomorrow where she’ll stay until 3/12. The transition is coming on strong. Looks like we’re in for a wild ride.

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