Watching Miracles Happen


Mary is learning how to walk again. If you feel inspired by her story, please show your support by clicking the picture that will take you to her Facebook page. Then give her a like 🙂

This is Mary, my client. I’ve talked about Mary’s healing journey before and once again she’s given me permission to give my newsletter subscribers an update on her healing journey.

If you don’t remember, here’s a little background on Mary. Mary is 29 years old. Seven years ago she had a stroke and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Ever since then, she’s been in a wheelchair. Her road to recovery has been long but she’s never let her challenges become her limitations.

When I first started working with Mary in November of 2015, she told me it was her dream to become chairless so we started working together to make it happen. I began assisting her with her therapies daily and I also had my friend and spiritual advisor, Pam, do my reiki II attunment. The results have been phenomenal.

Each week I see Mary going through physical transformations and smashing barriers. She’s losing weight and gaining muscle tone from walking and biking every day. Her fingers and wrist on her winged arm are starting to relax more and more. She’s transforming. I feel like I’m watching a miracle happen as Mary continues to regain her independence at an incredible speed.

Mary wants to heal and because her desire is so strong, the reiki I use on her is amplified to match her will. It’s given me a different outlook on reiki. I went from a skeptic to a believer. But the catch is that reiki matches the desire of the client to heal. If the client does not desire the healing, or has any kind of reservation about it, then it isn’t as strong as if the client desired the effects with all of her heart. The same goes for the healer as well. I received my frist reiki attunment when I was 18 and it took 13 years to believe in my own ability to channel healing energy.

Due to the wonderful progress Mary has been making, last week, she hit a big milestone. It was the day after the Broncos won the Super Bowl and Denver was buzzing with positive vibes and excitement. Mary told me she wanted to walk to the coffee shop. I supported her decision but I was still a little nervous.  I pushed her in her manual chair out onto the sidewalk and called the angels of the Four Directions as Mary stood up.
“Let’s do this, team. Let’s help Mary walk to the coffee shop,” I said as I asked for help and protection form the angels. I envisioned them around her as they worked with both of our guardian angels to protect Mary and help her reach her goal.  I clicked on my reiki to add an extra boost and provided stand by assist.

The walk went incredibly well. Mary got a little tired towards the end but reached her goal. I opened up the door and the mayor of the town and the baristas all applauded as Mary walked in and collapsed into a chair. Everyone smiled and gave Mary hugs. I stood back and let Mary absorb all the energy of her success. It was a beautiful thing to witness. I thanked the angels and dismissed them. We had a nice time at the coffee shop. It was a good day.

I’m making myself obsolete in my job but I don’t care because I’m getting to be part of something incredible. I know Mary will reach her goal and be free of her wheelchair by the end of summer and she’ll need me less and less. I want her to need me less and less. But when this door closes, where will I be in employment?
When I share Mary’s story with other healers, they tell me that I’m a powerful healer and I need to be practicing more. I don’t really know how I feel about this. As an in home healthcare provider, I don’t advertise my healing abilities because I never really recognized them in the first place. But families of my elderly clients all said that their family members with memory loss suddenly could remember things when I was around and that those who wanted to regain their strength improved when I worked with them.

Mary and I have talked about what it means to accept your mission. Just like she’s had to accept that she’s here to be an inspiration to others, maybe I need to accept that I’m here to heal others.
I’ve started to contemplate including healing in my in home healthcare services to appeal to clients in the metaphysical community. I’m not sure what the laws in the state of Colorado are about that. I’d have to do some research. I’ve also been interested in studying acupressure. So maybe it’s time to step up to the plate and become a healer.

Some very incredible things have happened that have made me question everything since I got my reiki attunment and although I find the future to be intimidating because of it’s incredible potential, the one thing I’ve learned is that if we surrender ourselves to the Universe for the greater good, we’ll end up where we’re supposed to be.

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