Magdalena’s Tower Vintage Shop is Now Open!

Magdalena’s Tower is an Etsy shop that specializes in vintage and antique New Age and occult

My love for all things magical and mystical started in my great-grandmothers’ turn of the century shotgun house in Louisville, KY. I’d sit with my great-grandmother, surrounded musty, dusty vintage and antiques and listen to her tell me ghost stories she claimed took place right in the very rooms of the house. Each object in the house had a story to go with it from as far back as the Victorian era. I took in all the details and developed an eye for vintage and antiques.

Fast forward fifteen years. I got a job as a waitress at a restaurant located inside what was a cotton mill in the 1880s. When I figured out food service just wasn’t for me, I ended up working in the antique mall located in the same building. I learned about dealing antiques and vintage jewelry from dealers who made their living off of the trade. I loved the spooky, old building and the enchanting merchandise that I had the privilege of handling.

However, I decided to switch schools and moved away from Louisville, KY, leaving the antique business behind me. But I still loved to go thrifting and antiquing. I longed to get back in the business so I promised myself that one day I would become a dealer.

I found my way back into the vintage and antique business when I started working at an antique shop in Denver, CO. I told my boss about how I wanted to open my own shop that specializes in vintage and antique occult jewelry and goods. She thought it was a wonderful idea and encouraged me to start selling online. That’s where I am today.

My stock is handpicked with love and inspected for quality with care.

Each purchase also comes with the option of a one card Tarot Reading, a way to keep the mystical and mysterious in my shop.

Below are some examples of my stock.  If you see something you like, visit my page and my treasures become your treasures at Magdalena’s Tower.

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