It Starts ..


This is where converting my novel to a #ComicBookScript will begin. Doing my homework and feeling intimidated!

It’s not like I’ve never written a script before; I wrote a lot of scripts and directed “films” starting my friends in my school days when I was producing art for fun and not worried about making money off of it.  I wrote everything from comedy skits to pretentious, avant garde movies. I also self published a comic book with Heather Breckle, who’s claim to fame is the colorist of My Little Pony, when I was in a senior in high school.

But in the realistic, grownup world,  I don’t know what the industry standards are for comic books. I have that adult hesitation and doubt. Because if pitching a comic script is anything like pitching a novel,  if your formatting is wrong, no one will even look at your work.

I got a lot of help with writing my novel. By a stroke of luck, I found a mentor  who really helped me get my novel to where it needed to be for the literary industry. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help and I am very grateful for that. So I have a great story that’s been professionally edited and will be easy to copy and paste in the conversion process. But I’m switching formats and that’s where the problem is.

I’ve done readings for myself about this and the results are all extremely favorable and as I’ve said before, it feels right. I’ve said for ages that my MS wanted to be a script but it’s super hard to break into the movie industry so that was just a pipe dream. But now that I feel like I know which direction to go in, I feel completely overwhelmed. I didn’t want to do another rewrite  before I got a contract, and this is a MAJOR rewrite. So in a way, I’m back at square one.

So I guess I should just look at this as another chapter of my journey and start!

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