My First Vintage Tarot Deck! 

I’ve been ill so I haven’t had a chance to go to work at the antique shop lately. My health has finally returned so I was back in the shop yesterday. When I walked in, my boss had the vintage tarot deck above waiting as a gift for me! 😍 She said one card was missing so I carefully opened the tattered box and found Justice tucked in the book! So not only are all 78 cards there, it seems like this deck came to me through good karma! 😉it’s about time too because I had a shitty week filled with breakthroughs, breakdowns and difficult life lessons.

I took my deck home along with more items to sell in my Estsy shop, MagdalenaTower. My buddy, Shea, came over and we made Friday offerings to Frejya. I saged the deck so it’s ready to use now.

But how to use it is the question. It’s a gypsy tarot deck and the rules confuse me! I know where cards sit next to each other is important but what spread to use is beyond me. If you’re familiar with my readings, you know that I also don’t use spreads unless I’m running a special so this is a very interesting deck for me to learn. But if I learn it, it will up my Tarot game.

If you know how to use this deck, please let me know. It’s a rare deck so any advise is much appreciated!

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