Fehu: the Rune of Creating Wealth

•    Pronunciation: Fehu, Feh, Feoh
•    Phonetic Value: F
•    Zodiac Sign: Taurus
•    Tree: Elder
•    Color: Red
•    Meaning: Cattle
•    Tarot: Empress
•     Divination: Money, wealth, good health, love, generosity
•    Reverse Meaning: Failure, poor health, greedy, bad luck, unrequainted love, poverty,

A couple of years ago,  Adam’s mom got me a really pretty amethyst rune set for Christmas. I’ve always been curious about the Runes. I have Norse ancestors but I until I started working with Freya and Odin recently, I never really clicked with the runes.

Then a couple of weeks ago, my Druid friend, Erika, contacted me and asked me if I wanted to do a distance study of the Runes with her.  We agreed to do one Rune per week and every Monday night, we discuss the Rune via chat.

The 1st Rune and the 1st in the 1st set of aett (8) is Fehu.

The message of Fehu is that you will prosper if you work hard. This is the Rune of “moveable wealth” because Cattle were currency to the people of  Northern Europe in ancient times. Thus when they literally moved their cattle, they were moving their wealth.  A modern way to view this concept is to recognize that money circulates through society.  If you’ve ever heard the saying, “You gotta spend money to make money,” that’s kind of what this Rune is all about. The more work you put in and the more of your wealth you expend, the more that comes back to you.  The cow, Adhumla, was also believed to have licked a race of giants as well as gods, out of a salty piece of ice in Norse mythology.

This Rune also has a reputation as a love Rune, not only because it’s associated with Freya who was a goddess of love (and war) to the Norse, but also because love is an emotion built on the circulation of feelings. So if you give love, you will receive love. You also share your wealth with those you love.

This Rune also advises that you share your wealth to keep it circulating through society. It calls for the wealthy to be responsible and help those less fortunate than them (if only our leaders would embrace this idea!)

“Wealth is a comfort to all men,
Yet everyone must give it away freely,
If he wants to gain glory in the sight of the Lord.”
-Anglo Saxon Rune Poem translated by R. I. Page

So this Rune asks you to become aware of the wealth in your life. Once you have an awareness of how much you really have and you truly appreciate that, the more you will share with others and the more wealth will flow back to you.

I’m guessing that the Tarot card that is most closely related to this Rune is the Empress becasue she’s all about fertility and abundance. Plus the card is ruled by Taurus, who is ruled by Venus, and Venus and Freya are similar in a lot of ways.

A simple Rune spell as recommended by Freya Aswynn in Runes and Feminine Powers: Northern Mysteries and Magick ( which I’ve also referenced in this post) recommends you draw the Rune on your hands to attract wealth to you. I tried it and I got a big box of costumes in the mail from my friend and a couple of gift cards from my parents. So I invited some friends over and shared some cookies I made with them.

Maybe if I keep drawing the Rune on my hands, I’ll get the job I’m trying to land 😉

I’ll keep posting my notes every week because I think they’re interesting enough to have a home on the web. And if you want to study along with us, the Rune we discuss this upcoming week is Uruz.

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