Do You Believe in Magic?

I had a interesting conversation with my friend, Sarah Beth today.

SB: So I’m reading this book and it talks about how all children yearn to believe in magic. At what point do you think people stop believing in magic and why?

Me: Probably between 10 and 12.  That’s when we’re pressured to start “acting like adults.” Although now it’s probably much younger with how fast kids are growing up because of technology.

SB: Why do you think we never became “adults”?

Me: Because we didn’t want to. lol. We listened to our imaginations . The killing of the imagination is where it starts.  Once you lose your imagination, it’s all over.

SB: So would you say that creative people are more likely to believe in magic?

Me: Absolutely. Because creativity is magic. Creative people make something from nothing.

SB: That’s true, I never thought of that.

Me: We can understand that nature and the gods are creative. Creativity is the key to a magical life.

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