Tarot Forecast 8/21/16 – 8/27/16


It’s the 35th week of the year and the card of the week is the 6 of Wands. Whereas last week was all about new beginnings and initiation, this week is about connecting with the people who will guide you through this new found awareness because all the cards this week are cards that are personified. That means that they can represent an actual person (as well as attributes of yourself). There are a lot of difficult combinations of transits this week, reminding us that our newfound knowledge comes with responsibility and above all, you will be called to remain in control of yourself in challenging situations, step up and be the leader that you are being called to be. The number of the week is 8, a number that reminds us that every time you set something right, you set your karma right.
Mantra: I am not alone.

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High PriestessSunday 8/21/16 High Priestess
Numerology: 2
Moon in Aries
The High Priestess appears when you need to trust your intuition. Quiet your thoughts, look within and be confident that you hold all the answers you seek. Moon trine Mars at 2:09 AM PST will bring you the confidence you need to be a leader. If you are asleep during this transit, this theme may present itself in your dreams. Moon trine Saturn at 4:443 AM PST will give you the stability you need to have confidence in everything you do. Moon square Pluto at 1:42 PM PST may reveal uncomfortable secrets but these are things that you’ve suspected for a while. The Moon is in the headstrong sign of Aries, encouraging you trust yourself and keep pushing ahead. The number of the day is 2, a number that reminds us that there is balance in duality.
Mantra: Above all, I trust myself.

King of WandsMonday 8/22/16 King of Wands
Numerology: 2
Moon Void of Course 4:48 AM PST
Moon Enters Taurus 2:19 AM PST
Riding on the back of the transits of yesterday, the King of Wands appears because you’re still being called upon to be the leader. If you don’t feel confident in that position, someone with traditional strong, masculine energy will appear to guide you. Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 2:05 AM PST will call you to confront heavy issues. These issues may be particularly uncomfortable but resist the urge to avoid them and instead, find a creative approach to problem solving. Moon conjunct Jupiter at 4:48 AM PST may find you wanting to take drastic measures over pressing issues but remember that this is an impatient transit. Keep your cool until it passes. The Sun enters Virgo at 9:39 AM PST where he will stay until 9/23/16.  While the Sun is in Virgo, facts and details may become extremely important. Beware of pettiness. Moon trine Sun at 2:39 PM PST will find some of the pressure lifting and you will be surrounded with pleasant energy through the afternoon. The Moon is void of course between 4:48 AM PST until 2:19 PM PST when it enters the earthy sing of Taurus. The fiery energy will ground itself as the day progresses, and you will establish a firm control over all matters at hand. The number of the day is 3, a number of things coming together.
Mantra: “Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.” — unknown

Tuesday  8Page (Princess) of Pentacles/23/16 Page (Princess) of Pentacles
Numerology: 4
Moon in Taurus
The Page of Pentacles comes baring messages of new beginnings in abundance. There is much work to do but if you work hard and listen to the advice of others, you too, one day, can become a king (or queen). If this card does not represent you, it represents someone with a lot of potential who will appear with lively, youthful energy. Moon sextile Neptune at 8:32 AM PST will bring empathetic energy. People will be more kind and compassionate than usual. It’s a good time to be with people you care about. Moon trine Pluto at 3:43 PM PST could bring strong feelings that could drain you. Luckily, the Moon is in the grounded, luxurious sign of Taurus for the day so enjoy the pleasures of life and don’t overwork yourself. Part of being successful is knowing when to take a rest! The number of the day is 4, a number of stability.
Mantra: Living like a king starts with a vision.

Emperor (Lord)Wednesday 8/24/16 Emperor
Numerology: 5
Moon Void of Course 12:38 PM PST
Moon Enters Gemini 4:40 PST
Last Quarter 8:41 PM PST
The Emperor is the strong leader who knows the value of both war and peace. Mars conjunct Saturn at 4:27 AM PST could bring anger, frustration and paranoia. If you feel stressed out, it’s likely you’re just over reacting so chose your battles wisely. Moon trine Venus at 5:06 AM PST will bring love and peace back to your day. Moon trine Jupiter at 11:06 AM PST will keep the harmony flowing. Conversation and communication will be favorable with Moon trine Mercury at 12:38 PM PST but things may be a little garbled due to Mercury Retrograde drawing near so keep topics light if you can. Moon square Sun at 8:41 PM PST brings last quarter in Gemini. When it’s last quarter, you may find yourself going within to illuminate what this lunar cycle has brought. Wind the evening with some quiet meditation and think about what intentions you’d like to set for the next New Moon. The Moon is void of course between 12:38 PM PST and 8:41 PM PST. Then it will enter Gemini, the creative, chatty sign of communication. Because we’re less than a week away from Mercury Retrograde, you may find messages and communication jumbled so be prepared to roll with the punches. The number of the day is 5, a number of overcoming hardships.
Mantra: Some battles aren’t worth fighting.

Page (Princess) of CupsThursday 8/25/16 Page of Cups
Numerology: 6
Moon in Gemini
Mercury Shadow Period
The Page of Cups is a traditionally young, creative person who gives his or her emotions away freely. If this person does not represent you, (s)he represents an emotionally immature person you will come in contact with today. Moon opposition Saturn at 9:29 AM PST could leave you feeling lonely and isolated. This could cause some issues that you’re salty about to bubble to the surface with Moon opposition Mars at 10:34 AM PST. Remember to keep your actions under control no matter how intense you feel. Moon square Neptune at 11:07 AM PST may make it hard to tell the difference between truth and lies. Reserve judgement for later. Mars square Neptune at 11:57 PM PST could bring low vibrational energy to your day so give yourself the space to feel the spectrum of your emotions but don’t get caught in a negative thought cycle. Mercury’s Shadow Period intensifies today, bringing more garbled communication, misunderstandings and the potential for chaos. The Moon is in Gemini, making things even more wobbly so take it easy and have a good self care plan in place to coupe with any unpleasant surprises. The number of the day is 6, reminding us that any challenge can become a victory.
Mantra: It’s not what you feel, it’s how you react.

5 of WandsFriday 8/26/16 5 of Wands
Numerology: 8
Moon Void of Course 5:30 PM PST
Moon Enters Cancer 8:06 PM PST
The 5 of Wands is a card of useless struggle. Traditionally, it features 5 men fighting each other in a struggle with no clear winner.  Mercury Retrograde is growing closer so, you may feel like you’re swimming upstream today. Why don’t you try putting down you wand and letting things be instead? Moon sextile Uranus at 10:03 AM PST could find you feeling restless and ready to have new experiences. If you have an exciting morning, Moon square Venus at 1:12 PM PST may bring a lazy afternoon. Moon square Jupiter at 3:09 PM PST could cause egotistical and arrogant energy this afternoon. Moon square Mercury at 5:30 PM PST will skew communication and Mercury retrograde will make this a double whammy. The Moon is in Gemini until 5:30 PM PST so make sure to write anything you do that’s important down in case you come up against any conflicts due to miscommunication. The Moon enters the emotional sign of Cancer at 8:06 PM PST so if you’re feeling moody and nothing seemed to work out today, it may be best just to give up and turn in early. The number of the day is 7, a number of reassessment and reevaluation. But if you’re feeling like throwing in the towel for good, remember not to be too hard on yourself. Things are crazy out there in the stars and tomorrow is a new day.
Mantra: Every day can’t be perfect.

Knight of CupsSaturday 8/27/16 Knight (Prince) of Cups  
Numerology: 8
Moon in Cancer
The Knight of Cups is a lover, not a fighter. He brings healing energy and encourages you to follow your heart in pursuit of happiness. Moon sextile Sun at 4:08 AM PST brings good vibrations to your morning. Moon trine Neptune at 2:59 PM PST will give your intuition a boost. Remember, you know what’s best. Venus conjunct Jupiter is a wonderful transit of love, happiness and harmony. Everything will go your way and you’ll feel like you’re absolutely on cloud 9! Moon opposition Pluto at 10:39 PM PST could bring intense encounters, especially in love and relationships after the Venus/Jupiter transit. The Moon is in the loving sign of Cancer, reminding us to open our hearts and let love in. The number of the day is 8, a number that allows healing of karmic scars.
Mantra: Love is the ultimate healer.

All times in the Forecast are set to Pacific Standard Time. For time conversions, go here.

Magdalena Tarot does not claim the rights to any of the Tarot card images used here.  All images are from the Druidcraft Tarot by Philip and Stephanie Carr. Illustrated by William Worthington

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