Ready to Hit the Jackpot 777

What a coinkidink. The app I use for my personal daily Tarot reading cards’ match MagdalenaTarot’s cards for today and tomorrow. Interesting that there’s 3 7s in this reading since 3 was also a big number in this week’s Forecast. I also believe it is a 7 week. 777 y’all. 
My own star chart says that I’m heading toward some big career changes starting in September and lasting through most of 2017. It’s a good omen things may pan out despite the fact Mercury will be in retrograde. I’m trying to move up in the company I work for and my book is in submission again so hopefully, that counts for something. Also, I’m vending Denver Pagan Pride next weekend and I get to have a taste of my dream: having my own witchy shop where I sell occult vintage and do readings. It’s just a little tent that I’ll be running for a few hours but one day, I hope to have my own brick and mortar shop. Also, a big Tarot site is going to publish an article by me by the end of the year so I think Lady Luck will be smiling in me. Fingers crossed that will give me a boost because August has been kind of a slow business month compared to June and July. I’m ready for a change because this summer as totally been 7 of Wands; I keep getting rushed by big obstacles and although I’ve come out on top, I need the Universe to cut me some slack because I’m getting really tired 💦

Mantra: ready to hit the jackpot.

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