Archangel Michael, Pray for Us

I am deeply devoted to Archangel Michael. He was the first being from beyond to reach into my life and make himself known. I grew up in the Catholic Church and when I returned to a ritualistic way of life as a pagan, I started to research the legends about angels. I learned their stories and how to call upon them. And the more I studied them and worked with them, the more they made their presence known in my life. No one was more faithful to me than Michael. Every time I’ve called out to him he’s answered. Every time I’m sad and ask him to come to me, I’m filled with peace. Every time I’m in danger he sends a powerful sign to make his presence known. He even physically showed up once and saved my life. He guides me in my divination as well. His calling card is Temperance. When I read Tarot and Temperance appears (almost always at the end of a line) I know the card is Michael’s signature, telling me that the message is directly from him and not to pull any more cards. I pray to him daily and thank him for always showing me that the Divine has great plans for me. 

Last night at around 1 AM MST, I felt a huge ripple pass through the atmosphere. It woke me up because it was so powerful. It was like that feeling you get when an ambulance speeds past and you wonder where it’s going and hope whoever needs saving is OK. This morning I saw the news about the earthquake in Italy and realized I must have felt an army of angels moving. So my prayer today is that Michael and all the angels help and bless the people of Italy after the earthquake.

Thank you, Michael, I love you.

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