Libra: “There be No Shelter Here, the Front Line is Everywhere”

Wow, Libra is coming on strong! Libra is all about Justice and equality. And we’re seeing the fight really heat up here in the United States. You can take it or leave it, but I find the coincidences striking.

Venus will be moving out of Libra on 9/23. She’s been in Libra since 8/29. When Venus is in Libra, She is easily offended and idealistic. With the current political situation in the US, marginalized peoples such as the indigenous natives and African Americans have been calling for justice. The white majority, however, has failed to listen. They get upset. They say, “I personally didn’t do this”, but what many people in the majority group don’t understand is that these people want to be heard. They want the majority to be quiet and give them the simple respect that comes with listening to someone who feels like they aren’t heard.

Jupiter moved into Libra on 9/9. Jupiter in Libra is ready to take on inequality through negotiations and protest. The Native Americans at Standing Rock took their pleas to the courts. When the courts failed them, they went to the UN. In the meantime, African Americans are protesting police brutality across the country. We are seeing people of color rise up and demand the rights they deserve. Many white brothers and sisters are joining them but there is more work to be done.

The Sun moves into Libra on 9/22. We’ll see these fights for equality continue to strengthen, powered by the fire of the sun. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some violent clashes as the passion builds.

In fact, until Mercury moves into Libra on 10/7, I expect tensions to continue to mount but I feel the movements may also grow rapidly.   Mercury in Libra will bring intellectualism to the forefront and hopefully, the courts will take action and do something to reign in things in if we hit a breaking point. If not, Jupiter is in Libra for the rest of the year, driving the fight forward

So if you want to know what it was like to be alive in the 1960s, look no further than 2016. The Stars certainly agree this is quite a revolutionary time.

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