Monday 9/26/16 King of Cups

Numerology: 8
Moon in Leo
The King of Cups is the master of his emotions. He accepts everything as it rolls in on the tide of time and out again. He is generous, creative and a good businessman. If he does not represent you, he represents someone you may cross paths with today. Moon square Saturn at 3:34 AM PST will certainly find you in control of yourself with this levelheaded transit. #Pluto stations direct at 7:59 AM PST. When Pluto was retrograde, you may have felt old parts of yourself dying. Now you may feel refreshed and reborn, emerging from this Mercury Retrograde shadow period as a new person. It could be an emotional day so like the King of Cups, let your emotions come and go as they flow. This is a powerful time to shed your skin and embrace the person you are meant to be! The Moon is in the brilliant sign of Leo today, illuminating the beautiful person that you are. The number of the day is 8, reminding us that what died during Pluto Retrograde gives you the opportunity to pay off your karma.
Mantra: Butterfly, fly towards the Sun. Your transformation is done.

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