Learn Tarot in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Having trouble finding Tarot classes that fit your busy schedule? Do you live in an area where there simply aren’t any Tarot classes? If so, Then the Magdalena Tarot Method is for you!  

What is the Magdalena Tarot Method?The Magdalena Tarot approach to Learning Tarot is a revolutionary method developed from mixing symbol, Qabalah, astrology, numerology and mediation in a way that allows you to “absorb” the meaning of the Tarot through the senses without the hassle of memorizing card meanings . This hands on learning technique not only teaches you the meaning of the Tarot, but brings the meaning of each card we study alive in your daily life.  We will do this through building altars. The altars become focal points for the contemplation and meditation on the cards. When built correctly, these altars also serve as “machines” that will peel away the excess and transform your mind and spirit.
This is more than a class, it’s a life changing journey. Only those who are serious about understanding the living Tarot should enroll in this class.
If you’re ready to live the mysteries of the Tarot, enroll in this class now.
What Can I Expect?
The class dedicates one month to each card so that you may be able to actually experience the card as it comes alive in your life. The class schedule is as follows:

0 The Fool – February
I The Magician – March
II The High Priestess – April
III The Empress – May
IV The Emperor – June
V The Hierophant – July
VI The Lovers – August
VII The Chariot – September
VIII Strength – October
IX The Hermit – November
X The Wheel of Fortune – December
What Your Tuition Includes
* The text of the Unit created by me.
* List of materials you need to build your altar for the month
* Access to the close Facebook group where you can share ideas and collaborate with others
* A live webinar with me once a month that will discuss the unit and answer any questions that you have.
* Access to me through e-mail for extra help and support.
* Book of Shadows workbook pages
* 15% off discount in my Etsy Shop, Magdalena Tower, where you can purchase things for your altar plus exclusive vintage and antiques that are unlisted on Etsy. You will also have access to special, unlisted items before they go up and the chance to negotiate prices.

Ready to Enroll? Hurry! ENROLLMENT FOR FEBRUARY CLOSES 2/1/17!
Go to ✨https://magdalenatarotinc.com/magdalena-tarot-method-class/✨ to find out more and enroll!

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