5 Things to Help You Start 2017 According to Numerology 

The we’re almost 1 month in to the 1st month of this 1 year in numerology. And from talking to my international following, I’ve noticed a few trends. These trends have to do with the transition between a 9 year and a 1 year in numerology. So if  2017 got off to a rough start, don’t worry. Everything is happening perfectly and in the way it should.

1. 2016 Tried to Hang On

2016 seemed to hit everyone in the ass on the way out the door. From people falling ill, passing away or something else terrible happening, the first day of 2017 left a lot of people wondering if there really was something to celebrate.

This was most likely due to the cumulation energy of the 9 year. The year held the sum of everything that was building since our last 1 year (2008). The built up energy was ready to burst, and if anything needed to be cleared out, it was done in a very dramatic way.

I don’t know about you, but I really felt this along with a lot of my followers. All I can say is, please don’t ask me about my NYE and I won’t ask you about yours. However, the purge I experienced was necessary.

Mantra: I’m only human.

2. All of this Chaos was in the Name of Restructure.

A 1 year in numerology means that endings become beginnings. If things felt, or still feel like they’re falling apart, that’s a good sign that they’re actually coming together.

Whatever ended with 2016 is now gone. It’s time to leave those things in the past and build a new foundation.

Mantra: What remains is what stays

3. We’re Like Newborns

If everything felt or still feels like it’s just sort of up in the air, discombobulated and confused, don’t worry. It’s like we’re all babies being reborn in this new cycle. We don’t remember being born, but imagine how confusing and even scary it could have been! One minute you were safe and warm in the womb and the next minute you burst into our world, literally kicking and screaming from shock!

So if you feel shocked, confused and scared, it’s all part of the 1 year. Know that you are safe and opportunity is waiting for you!

Mantra: It’s OK to be confused, treat yourself with kindness.

4. The Mercury Retrograde Effect

We started out the year right, smack in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. Considering that Mercury Retrograde isn’t a good time to start new things,there was no way to put it off! We had to begin this powerful year now!

So of course, Mercury Retrograde’s famous disruption and delay energy came on strong.

Because my birthday is 1/1, which makes me a Capricorn, and Mercury was Retrograde in Capricorn on New Year’s, this energy knocked me for a loop. I lost my phone and a whole lot more on NYE. To make matters worse, I couldn’t get a ride back to the party where I left everything to reclaim my scattered possessions until 1/5! I was cut off from communciation and actually, it was a nice experience. I didn’t have a distracting phone to look at every 5 minutes and it gave me time to get centered and focus.

It was weird because the cake, presents and birthday wishes I missed on New Years thanks to a big disruption, came on the 5th. It made me think that gorgeous 1 energy waiting for us, along with its promises, is still on the way. It just got held up a thanks to Mercury Retrograde.

Mantra: Go with the flow.

5. Options and Uncertainty

Once Mercury stationed direct on January 8, 2017, you may have found that all of a sudden, you had to make some BIG decisions. SCARY decisions about things that will completely change your life.

For me, my boss decided to cut hours drastically but at the same time, I suddenly had several job options. So I had a lot to think about. In the end, I had to turn a few offers down, but when I finally figured out what I was doing, things started moving forward.

This is a time when you do have options. You can chose for the endings to become wonderful opportunities for new beginnings but change involves taking a risk.

We’re likely to see all the Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow Period taper off until 1/27/17. Then the next day is Chinese New Year when we’ll welcome in the Year of the Rooster with is the 10th year of the Chinese zodiac (which adds to 1 in Western numerology too). To the Chinese, this means it is a time to plan with confidence and execute plans perfectly. This energy infuses our 1 year with enthusiasm, charisma and courage.

Mantra: What better time than now?

Best wishes for you in 2017!

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