The Knight of Cups and the Holy Grail

knight-of-cups-altarThe Knight of Cups has been coming up so much in my readings that I decided to make my Imbolc altar dedicated to understanding  the Holy Grail and its connection with the Knight of Cups.  My impression of the Knight of Cups is that he’s on a mission searching for the Holy Grail. He takes his time for the love of the journey and the love of catching the Divine. And when he arrives, the love you’ve been waiting for will appear. Keep in mind that this is not always romantic love. Sometimes it’s a business partner that has the same vision as you and is willing to work together to manifest it. Sometimes it can be the love of your family. And sometimes it can be something abstract that brings you to love yourself more. But what these different kinds of love have in common is that they area all echos of the Divine love of the Universe expressing itself uniquely in our lives.

Recently, I’ve been learning how to love and share unselfishly.  My intention has been to help me continue to express more gratitude as I progress on my spiritual journey and pursuit of understanding of Divinity.

The candle inside the lantern in the chalice is from the Holy Well, Brigit’s shrine and well in Ireland. My desk is a little messy but the intention is already manifesting so I think my offering was accepted!

So mote it be!


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