The art of yin and yang 

I feel good about going back to martial arts class. One of my senseis is a Japanese man from Kobe and my host dad and an ex are from Kobe. I like Kansai-jin. As for the art itself, I still have great form and technique. Part of that comes from being a 3rd dan brown in Tae Kwon Do and part of that comes from training in fire spinning in Japan. A black belt classmate commented on how unusual my technique is but solid. I told my senseis coming in about my experience so they are not going easy on me which is good. They expect my technique to be as solid as a black belt’s despite my beginner level and I can do that. It’s interesting how they are working with me to help me master advanced techniques at a beginner level. I also like what my teacher said today about memorization and flow working like yin and yang to not just teach you the art of karate but to teach you about life. I can dig that after years of being a dancer.

It’s interesting since I’m in a mystical order now, I’m studying the same concepts on a spiritual level. Just like with karate, my Rosicrucian studies are taking me back over the basics of my gifts. It’s helping me begin to understand how to control them instead of letting them control me. I’m working on disciplining my mind, body and spirit as a way to recover from 2016 and process all it taught me. I made some mistakes last year and although I can’t change the past, I can make better choices in the future.
And maybe the way I live my life will change for the better.

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