“Nailed It”: Sexual Puns in Tarot Symbolism

The symbolism in this reading was too good not to share.

Did a reading for a friend. The question was, “Does he want to sleep with me?” Cards: 10 of Pentacles, 9 of pentacles, 8 of pentacles and the Star was on the bottom.

My thoughts are yes, absolutely but without commitment (9 of pentacles which can be a card of free love). 

The Star is him thinking of her naked. 

The man on the 10 of pentacles is all alone, staring off into space  at 9 of pentacles, like he’s fantasizing about her. He’s also wrapped up in blankets or a cape so who knows what’s going on under there.

But the 8 of pentacles is the most telling card. The guy is “hammering” a nail, like he wants to “nail her” so to speak. The motion of the hammer, the grip on the handle, the look of concentration as he stars at the feminine symbol of the Pentacle … it’s just way too suggestive. 

Also, it’s interesting that the numbers of the same suit came up in descending order — 10,9,8. I see that as peeling back the layers or even his desire to undress her. The 10 could also mean she’s a “perfect 10”. 

So it seems like he fantasizes about her a lot. But it seems like this is all lust with no intention of having a relationship. If she were to welcome him into her bed, she needs to be prepared for him not to stay.

What do you think?

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