Exhausted from Moving No Forecast this Week

This summer has been incredibly difficult for me. My long time partner left me and I’ve had to move across town, get rid of a huge portion of my stuff, pack everything up and now I have to unpack everything in my new place. I am moved into my new place now but I am completely exhausted. I cannot find the energy to do the forecast this week. I will try to make a video or a run down of just the major transits this week. But I really need another break. I’m sorry if I let everyone down but I don’t have the energy or the organized work space I need to give the forecast my full attention. Once I’m completely settled, it will be business as usual but things are too chaotic right now for me. I’ve been loyally doing the forecast with only a week off here and there for 2 years. This is not how I do business but sometimes life just happens.

Thank you for understanding.

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