Not To Be Overlooked

The 3 cards are part of a much bigger reading, but I’m only sharing the row that shows where I am currently. I’d been getting strange readings and having strange dreams about something interesting on the way since August. I was curious about what could be coming but I think I see a tiny dot on the horizon. This whole reading gave my intuition butterflies and when putting the recent cards of the day in there, I wonder if I’m right. This reading made my hands tingle (a physical effect of my intuition) and and my mind spin. From the looks of it, it’s like I’m standing on the threshold of something good. The 2 figures in the dark are looking at the figure in the light in the middle. But they also seem to be looking past her at each other, almost like they sense her but she’s something that is unseen. Spirit is about to speak. Now the question is, will the the message be heard? #NineOfPentales #PageOfWands #7OfPentacles

And as a follow up, now things are just getting weird …

And strength came up in the longer version of the reading that I haven’t shared but did appear digitally so here it is

We’ll see what the stars decide …

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