Darkest Before Dawn

I did a reading for October and the middle part of it was overly dramatic to the point that I was like, “Come on! Really?!” Usually, the #8OfSwords means there’s a way out. But in this reading, the vicious hell hound on left on the #moon card and the collapsing #Tower on the left trap the woman in the middle. There is NO ESCAPE so I will have to face … whatever it is and accept it.

This reading bothered me all day. I was doing some work downstairs and when I came back upstairs, the runes #Sowilo and #Dagaz were on my floor. Somehow, my bag of #runes came open on my shelf and the stones found their way onto my floor.

Sowilo is like a lightening strike, like the Tower, but usually indicates drawing power to you. Dagaz is the light of dawn but also associated with the journey between the winter and summer solstices by some. It contains day and night, the sun and the moon — strange when I think of what this may point to.

To me, the taken as a whole, the destruction coming will bring blessings and abundance but first I have to get through the night. Dawn is closer than I think.
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