What is it?

This is how an 80s horror movie about demons and the Illuminati starts. 

So I brought #MagdalenaTower back, my witchy vintage and antiques business. I picked up some more stuff from my business partner for my #DenverPaganPride booth. She set 5 gold coins on the counter with #sigils on them and asked me if I knew what they were. Some were in black sleeves with a circle of Hebrew stamped in gold on the back, along with the Latin word for gold, #aurum, and some weren’t.  

I could *kind of* understand what they are because I know some of the signs but I have no clue how to use them. Weird sigils from old archaic are a whole other field of study that I haven’t gotten into because some of the instructions involve fucked up things like animal sacrifice that I don’t think are applicable in modern times. In fact, One was so sketchy though. I cleaned what looked like blood off of it and I was like “That goes in the garbage. Not fucking with that.”

Anyway, I didn’t think much about the gold tags, I just thought they were unique and interesting, until I started surfing the web trying to figure out how to price them. There were only 5 or 6 posts on the entire internet and no provider could be found. One sold on eBay for $25000. Some bartender found one in a bar Masons frequent. Some guy found one on the street in Iraq. Some guy said he found one in his mom’s house when she passed away. Initially, I could find NOTHING online about them except that they’re mysterious and pop up in random places.

I finally turned up a couple of sites, both in French, claiming, according to Google translate, that the particular one I posted a pic of is used as a money talisman and should be kept wrapped in white silk thread until your riches are acquired. One site was selling a token made from what looked like pewter for several thousand euros. I haven’t found anything on the other 2 designs I have.

Bottom line: I’m still not sure how to price these. What should I do? 

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